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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.25.18] post apocalyptic drama

I can't help it: all I can think about when I see I Think We're Alone Now, the title of Reed Morano's new post-apocalyptic drama, is Tiffany's 80's chart topper and I'm thinking that perhaps that's not an accident...

Morano, who has of late been on fire with Hulu's outstanding "The Handmaid's Tale," directs this drama from writer Mike Makowsky, whose previous Take Me (trailer) turned out to be a surprise winner.

I Think We're Alone Now stars Peter Dinklage as a recluse who finds himself in heaven when he is the lone survivor of an apocalyptic event - that is, until Elle Fanning comes rolling into town. The movie also stars Charlotte Gainsbourg and Paul Giamatti.

Though the movie won a Jury Award at Sundance earlier this year, there's been very little discussion about the movie's plot and the trailer provides nearly nothing to go on so no clue on what sort of apocalypse we're talking about but with this cast and Morano behind the camera, this is definitely high on the must-see list for autumn.

I Think We're Alone Now opens September 21.

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zombieja (4 years ago) Reply

Oh man...this one pretty much checks all the boxes for me!


DiamondBack662 (3 years ago) Reply

I loved this movie, but I pretty much love anything Peter Dinklage is in. He takes what would otherwise be an average B scifi drama and takes it up to an A level watch. If they ever make a sequel with PD as the star again. I'd watch it.

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