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John Connor [Celluloid 09.25.18] thriller

Painless is an interesting looking thriller from the mind of director Jordan Horowitz (Angel of Nanjing). The film is based on the real life character Henry Long who lived a life without the ability to feel pain. The films asks how one could one live, love and cope in a world without pain?

Henry (Joey Klein from 12 Monkeys) searches for a cure to his condition with the mysterious Shani (“True Blood”) as time for a cure is running out.

Painless is currently on a theatrical run in Los Angeles and cast and crew are in attendance at the Laemmle Music Hall.

Painless will show on DVD and Digital platforms on October 2 through Indican Pictures.

The story for Painless is based on the rare condition - congenital analgesia. Those afflicted cannot feel pain, but can still feel emotion.

Trapped in a deadened body, Henry struggles to relate to others, while desperately struggling to find a drug or a surgery that can relieve his suffering. When Shani enters his life, Henry is finally motivated to find his own breakthrough, with his own research as doctors are powerless to help him and stop his reckless experiments.

Painless has just come off a successful film festival run. Screenings continue in Los Angeles and soon on home entertainment platforms. In San Jose, Painless was the winner of a “New Vision Award.” As well, at the Other Worlds Film Festival, in Austin, Texas, this ground-breaking thriller won a “Best Feature Actor” award, for Klein’s performance.

Check out the trailer:

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