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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 09.19.18] Canada thriller

Writer/director Michael Peterson's feature film debut Lloyd the Conqueror made a bit of a splash in its festival run a few years ago and now the director is back with a tale which is far darker than and menacing than that film ever was: Knuckleball.

The movie stars Michael Ironside as Jacob, a grouchy granddad tasked with minding his grandson for the weekend. He's a tough SOB but he's determined to teach his grandson Henry (Luca Villacis) a few things before his parents pick him up.

When Jacob suddenly dies during the night and a snowstorm rolls into the secluded farm, Henry turns to Dixon (Munro Chambers of Turbo Kid and "Degrassi" fame), a nearby neighbour and farm hand, for help and so begins the trouble.

The official synopsis eludes to the fact that there's some mysterious connection between the neighbour and Henry but that's sort of beside the point. It seems the most interesting part of Knuckleball will be the chase and the back-and-forth between Henry and Dixon which I assume will end with someone dead.

Knuckleball will be available in theatres, on demand and Digital HD on October 5.

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