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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 09.10.18] horror

It's likely not a new thing but today was the first time I heard of "haunted entertainment attractions" which are basically events where people go to themselves scared silly. Of course, it was only time before someone made a horror movie about it. Enter Extremity.

Directed by Anthony DiBlasi (Last Shift), the movie stars newcomer Dana Christina as Allison, a young woman obsessed with horror who subjects herself to hours of torture at an "extreme haunt" in an effort to confront some trauma in her past.

From the looks of it though, this "haunt" turns into all-out-terror pretty quickly. What I can't figure out is if everything that happens to Allison is part of the haunt or if someone has decided to make it real which, for me at least, brings up a lot of questions about the point of this. It's like asking to be kidnapped. No one really does that, regardless of how much they love kidnappings... see? When you put it that way it just makes no sense but I'll go with it.

There's something really cathartic about fear, it may explain why so many of us love horror movies, but I'm curious to see how and if writers David Bond and Scott Swan manage to tackle something deeper in Extremity or if it's shocking simply for the sake of it. The trailer certainly suggests the movie gets into some hardcore horror craziness but I hope it has more going for it than just shock.

Extremity will open in select theatres on September 28 and be available on VOD & blu-ray October 2.

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