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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 09.04.18] post apocalyptic drama

In a month chalk full of great releases, I Think We're Alone Now is perhaps the one I'm most excited about (we'll get to Mandy later).

The first teaser for Reed Morano's latest film is was definitely mysterious. We know there's some sort of apocalyptic event which wipes out a significant portion of the population. We know that Peter Dinklage's character, a recluse, is living his best life alone in a town until Elle Fanning shows up to ruin his day.

The new trailer for the movie is equally as mysterious; featuring a variety of gorgeous visuals and just the tiniest bit of suggestion that perhaps Dinklage's memory of what came before the apocalypse might not be what really happened not to mention, the suggestion that perhaps this isn't all as random as we might have originally believed.

For anyone that has seen any of "The Handmaild's Tale," or for that matter any of her previous work, Morano has developed a very singular visual style which is on full display in this trailer and I can't wait to bask in 90 minutes of it.

I Think We're Alone Now opens in NY and LA on September 14 and will be available in additional theatres as well as VOD on September 21.

Recommended Release: The Omega Man

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