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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.08.19] New Zealand scifi comedy crime

Shelton, a small-time crook, inadvertently steals an ancient Chinese time-travelling device which doesn't simply turn back time but for a short period, allows him to work with his past-self.

Shelton comes up with the great idea to work with past versions of himself to pull off a couple of jobs but what he doesn't realize is that by coming into contact with himself in the timeline, he's tampering with time and a demonic force which is out to get him.

This is the basis of Mega Time Squad, a new sci-fi comedy from New Zealand which tore up the genre festival circuit last year.

Written and directed by relative newcomer Tim van Dammen, the movie stars Jonny Brugh (Deacon from What We Do in the Shadows) as Shelton, the less than genius crook tempting the fates.

Admittedly, there aren't many hardy laughs to be had in this trailer but it did elicit a few chuckles plus the concept is fun and Brugh seems quite likeable in the lead role.

Mega Time Squad will open theatrically and be available on VOD February 15.

Recommended Release: Timecrimes

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