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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.25.19] thriller

Robert De Niro and Wesley Snipes couldn't make this movie work in the 90's and from the looks of this trailer for The Fanatic, it doesn't look like John Travolta and Devon Sawa will fare much better.

In this new entry into the obsessed fan thriller subgenre, we have Travolta playing Moose, an obsessed movie fan who is turned away from meeting one of his action heroes Hunter Dunbar (Sawa). He enlists the help of a celebrity photographer who shares some of the tips of her trade and the next thing you know, Moose is stalking Dunbar and then taking him hostage.

It's pretty derivative stuff and though it looks like a mediocre direct-to-video thriller, I'm bothered not by anything in the look of the trailer but the fact that Travolta is playing Moose as a man with developmental disabilities which lowers the bar of this project right into the gutter.

The most surprising thing about The Fanatic is that it's directed by Fred Durst. As it turns out, not only does Durst have a long resume of credits, mostly for music videos he directed for Limp Bizkit, this isn't even his feature film debut; he directed another feature a decade ago.

The Fanatic opens August 30.

Recommended Release: Single White Female

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Wumpus (3 years ago) Reply

Yeesh. Watch "Big Fan" on Prime/Hoopla/Tubi instead!

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