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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.16.19] action thriller

Making its world premiere at Fantasia is Malik Bader's new feature Killerman.

The action-thriller stars Liam Hemsworth as Moe and Emory Cohen as Skunk, a pair of money launderers. While trying to outrun the cops, Moe has an accident and wakes up with no memory of why he has a bag of cash and drugs. He soon discovers that the goods were stolen from a crew of dirty cops who are now chasing down the pair to recover their loot.

In addition to Hemsworth (of The Hunger Games fame) and Choen (Brooklyn), the movie also stars Diane Guerrero, Nickola Shreli, Suraj Sharma, Mike Moh, and Zlatko Buric.

Leading up to the movie's world premiere, we have a batch of new stills for the project and a trailer and though this is unlikely to redefine the genre, a solid thriller is always welcome.

Killerman will open theatrically on August 30.

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mr stellar (2 years ago) Reply

watched it, like the first half hour, then saw it was 2 hours long! I started to skip past the needless sub plots and then got to the end which was good. overall it needed more editing badly

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