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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 09.10.19] thriller drama

Writer/director Rob Lambert has long been fascinated by stories that delve deep into the human condition and for his feature film debut Cuck, he's not straying far from his previous work.

Cuck stars Zachary Ray Sherman as Ronnie, a lonely young man struggling to find his place in the world. He finds some solace and a sense of community as an Alt-Right vlogger but even that has its problems and soon, he moves from just talking about hate to acting on that hate - or so it appears.

The themes explored by Lambert and co-writer Joe Varkle are timely and important and Cuck certainly looks promising as a serious drama that tackles some big issues. The question that remains to be seen is whether the movie manages to avoid being melodramatic or too obvious with its messaging.

Cuck opens October 4.

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john v karavitis (8 months ago) Reply

LIBERALS will the the main viewers of this film when it comes out. Mark my words! LMFAO! Liberals will make this film make money!


Mark (8 months ago) Reply

It looks the Sharknado of political movies. If it wasn't for Netflix, Gravitas would be out of business.


zaphod777 (8 months ago) Reply

Gee, more of the left making up villains in movieland because they cant find them in real life.

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