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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 12.17.19] United Kingdom horror

The early months of the year have turned into a bit of a dumping ground for movies that are best forgotten but once in a while one comes along that surpasses expectation. Though I don't expect that The Sonata will be breaking any records, I do hope that it at least does right by Rutger Hauer.

Freya Tingley stars as Rose Fisher, a talented violinist whose estranged father, a talented composer named Richard Marlowe, Hauer in one of his final roles, dies suddenly, leaving her everything. Among his belongings is a sonata that contains symbols Rose has never seen before. Horror is afoot!

It seems that writer/director Andrew Desmond has taken a page from "art leads to the devil" playbook but instead of writing or dancing their way to the devil's graces, this time around there's a violin sonata.

While it looks like it may be fairly straight forward horror fare, I love a good Hauer performance and while the concept of the musical composition that summons the devil sounds a little silly, so do most of the movies in this genre. One can only hope that the filmmaking is good enough to sustain the wackiness.

The Sonata opens theatrically and is available on VOD January 10.

Recommended Release: Suspiria

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HitcherLover (2 years ago) Reply

I was devastated when Rutger Hauer passed away this year he was my fav actor he was just fantastic, so talented and mysterious and handsome...I miss looking for new movies and I miss his cheeky smile. He was a one off.


Thompson (2 years ago) Reply

Violins, Rutger, secret society and occult i will definitly watch it.
RIP this absolute legend.

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