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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.07.20] Canada scifi thriller

One of my favourite reasons for attending the Whistler Film Festival year-after-year is to discover great Canadian films that are still flying under the radar and while some years turn out better than others, 2019 was definitely one of the highlights, in part because of Volition.

The directorial debut of Tony Dean Smith, who co-wrote the script with his brother Ryan W. Smith, Volition stars Adrian Glynn McMorran as a man with clairvoyance who tries to change the past in order to avoid his own death. As expected when you mess with time travel, things don't quite end up as he expected but the Smith brothers do a fantastic job of developing a smart, entertaining and tightly-knit thriller.

I was impressed by the film when I saw it last December and am thrilled that it's getting the sort of release that means even more people will get to enjoy it.

Giant Pictures has acquired US rights to the movie and will release it on Apple TV, Prime Video and other digital platforms on July 10.

Recommended Release: Coherence

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