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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.12.20] horror

Art imitation life of life imitating art? That's the question at the centre of writer/director Jay Baruchel's latest project Random Acts of Violence.

Adapted from Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti's comic book of the same title, Random Acts of Violence stars Jesse Williams ("Station 19," The Cabin in the Woods) as Todd and Baruchel as Ezra, the creators of "Slasherman," a hugely popular horror comic. The pair are working on their latest volume but Todd is experiencing writer's block so as a way to get the creative juices flowing, the pair, along with their girlfriends, head out on a road trip in search of inspiration but during the trip, they start to notice that their books might be inspiring murder and chaos.

The movie also stars Jordana Brewster and Niamh Wilson.

Thematically, there's little new to see here but Random Acts of Violence does appear to delve pretty deep into the horror aspects of the movie and I must admit, I have a real soft spot for Baruchel's approach writing which often infuses comedic moments to break tension; this appears to be the approach here as well.

Random Acts of Violence premiered at Fantastic Fest last year and is due for release in theatres, digital and on-demand on July 31.

Recommended Release: Random Acts of Violence

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