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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.19.21] scifi

I love a good high-concept sci-fi drama, especially if they're scrappy but well made and Cerebrum looks like it could fit the bill nicely.

The feature film debut of writer/director Arvi Ragu, who simply goes by Arvi, the thriller centers on Tom (Hell Fest's Christian James) who, in order to make ends meet, agrees to participate in a home-based experiment of a scientist who is experimenting with memory back-ups. There also appears to be a side story of Tom not remembering his part in a robbery and the memory doctors trying to recover those memories but it's unclear from the trailer if that's why he agrees to the test or if he simply goes back for seconds.

Admittedly the trailer is a bit messy and the story not completely clear but there's enough of interest here to warrant some attention. Hopefully, the movie itself will manage to deliver the goods.

Cerebrum will be available on VOD on May 4.

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