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Writer/director MJ Bassett brought together her passion for filmmaking and natural history with 2020's Rogue and she's continuing down that track, this time with what appears to be a much larger budget, in Endangered Species.

Rebecca Romijn and Philip Winchester star as Lauren and Jack Halsey, a pair of wealthy Americans that decide to up the ante on their holiday by taking the family to Africa. The pair and their two children get more than they ever bargained for when an off-road adventure leaves the group stranded in the African desert with no car, cell signal, or water.

As if braving the elements and the wild animals isn't already bad enough, things get even worse for the family when they're picked up by a group of poachers led by Mitch Hanover (Jerry O'Connell).

The trailer for Bassett's new movie does feature some pretty impressive VFX animals and while this may well be the case of a couple of well-placed money shots, I'm still super keen to see what she has on offer. Rogue certainly turned out to be a much better movie than I had anticipated.

Endangered Species will be available in select theatres and on digital rental May 28 followed by a DVD and Blu-ray release on June 1.

Recommended Release: Rogue

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Tquasi (1 year ago) Reply

Rebecca Romijn looks like mid-MASH era Loretta Swit now. can't un-see it.

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