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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.30.21] post apocalyptic scifi

Tim Fehlbaum and Roland Emmerich are back together again for another post-apocalyptic nightmare.

Following up their 2011 release Hell which we called "heaven for PA fans," the pair have reunited for The Colony.

Starring Nora Arnezeder (Army of the Dead), Sarah-Sofie Boussnina (Nightfall), and Iain Glen (Resident Evil: Extinction), the movie tells the story of humanity returning to Earth generations after leaving the planet due to cataclysmic conditions. Things in the stars haven't been great and reproduction has become a problem so the solution is to return to Earth to see if conditions have improved and if humanity can continue in the now mostly submerged world.

Cue "The 100" vibes: there are survivors and they're not too keen on the returning party.

The trailer for The Colony might reveal a tad too much of the story but overall, it looks like it may be a promising bit of sci-fi with, as one might expect, some really excellent visual effects.

Plus the prospect of a female hero is always of interest.

The Colony will be available in theatres, VOD, and digital on August 27.

Recommended Release: Hell

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Digger (9 months ago) Reply

Didn't this come out already?


buddy (9 months ago) Reply

There was a post-apoc movie with same title in 2013 that was about too much snow and had feral survivors. was pretty forgettable


Digger (9 months ago) Reply

I recall that one. As to this one, it was listed around the web as "Tides" and was released around the first week in July.


Wumpus (9 months ago) Reply

It hit some festivals (as Tides) earlier this year.

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