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John Connor [Celluloid 08.13.21] scifi webseries

As a fan of French Canadian synth composers Le Matos, I came across their soundtrack for a web series called EXODE recently. The soundtrack is as good as anything they dreamed up for Turbo Kid or Summer '84 and so I went looking for the series itself. Sure enough it's on YouTube now and it more than lives up to the Le Matos score.

Created with the support of TV5, this web series tells the story of David (Emmanuel Bilodeau), a passenger of a deep space voyage, who awakes from cryo-sleep to find himself drifting in the empty vastness surrounding an exoplanet. From the confines of his life support pod, David must find out what has gone wrong and how to return to his family aboard their passenger ship.

With shades of Ivan Engler's Cargo and more European-minded space faring films, Quiet Earth readers are sure to enjoy this one.

The video below is a playlist of all four episodes of EXODE.

Recommended Release: CARGO

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