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John Connor [Celluloid 08.09.21] horror comedy cult comic avant-garde

Before James Gunn was launched into the stratosphere with his Guardians of the Galaxy films, he was a scrappy genre director who got his start working for Lloyd Kaufman's Troma Video.

His directorial debut was a strange fake PSA for hamsters, so as his The Suicide Squad opens wide, let's remember is humble beginnings.

Public Service Announcement meant only for mother hamsters, warning them against eating their progeny due to the harmful effects it has on the human children who love them. We see one young child, Billy, who commits suicide after he witnesses the gory tragedy of his hamster, Princess, eating her babies. All of this is narrated by a large-busted Tromette in a bikini, Schizophrenia.

Watch James Gunn's famous first film below:

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