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John Connor [Celluloid 08.19.21] horror cult documentary

World premiering in Fantasia sidebar "Documentaries from the Edge", Emilio Silva Torres’ feature debut “Straight to VHS” takes you down the rabbit hole of his investigation into a rare film that spawned a cult following in Uruguay.

The documentary delves into the mystery behind the making of the quirky film “Act of Violence on a Young Journalist,” released straight to video in 1989, and its even more enigmatic filmmaker, Manuel Lamas. Both films are presented as a double bill in Canada’s 25th Fantasia Int’l Film Festival, marking the first time “Act of Violence…” has ever screened outside of Uruguay.

"Act of Violence in a Young Journalist" is a Uruguayan film shot and released on VHS in 1989. Turned into a cult work of Uruguayan cinema, it lives under a mantle of mystery and exotic theories about its creator, Manuel Lamas, of whom nothing is known. The director sets out to unveil the mystery that exists about Lamas and his work, delving into the cult of fanatics, dark myths and lost VHS cassettes. In this way, he remains wrapped in a spiral that dissolves the limits of reality and fiction.

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