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John Connor [Celluloid 08.27.21] horror western vampires

Glenn Danzig's (Veritoka) new western horror film is opening in 200+ theatres across the US today, August 27.

In Death Rider in the House of Vampires, the mysterious “Death Rider” – clad all in black – travels thru the desert on horseback. His destination... Vampire Sanctuary. The entrance fee…one Female Virgin. Once inside he encounters Count Holliday, Vampire Lord of Sanctuary who warns him against any transgressions. Blood & Guns action follow as Death Rider tangles with some of the Vampires of Sanctuary like the smouldering Carmilla Joe with her sidekick Mina Belle and Vampire Gunslingers Drac Cassidy, Bad Bathory, Kid Vlad & Duke VonWayne.

Final Destination's Devon Sawa plays the title character, the Death Rider in the house of vampires, with Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 star Kim Director playing Carmilla Jo and Julian Sands as Count Holliday, who rules the Vampire Sanctuary.

Danzig himself appears in a supporting role as “Bad Bathory” alongside Danny Trejo and Eli Roth.

watch the trailer:

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JohnVKaravitis (1 year ago) Reply

Too many genres competing for my limited attention span. THUMBS DOWN!


Wumpus (1 year ago) Reply

Looks like it doesn't take itself too seriously, thank god.

Still probably a bit too stupid to be "dumb fun", though.

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