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Liberation Hall plans to bring to Blu-ray RoboCop: The Series, starring Richard Eden, Yvette Nipar, Blu Mankuma, Andrea Roth, and David Gardner.

Currently, the five-disc box set is expected to arrive on the market on May 10.

Cyberpunk TV series based on the RoboCop franchise made to appeal primarily to a younger demographic. It lacks the graphic violence of the original RoboCop films.

The TV series ignores the events of the sequels and many character names are changed from the movie series.

The RoboCop character has several non-lethal alternatives to killing criminals, which ensures that certain villains can be recurring. The OCP Chairman and his corporation are treated simply as naïve and ignorant, in contrast to their malicious and immoral behavior from the second film onward.

Starting with pilot episode (which uses an early script for RoboCop 2 as its basis) sees Robocop running into several new enemies including "Pudface" Morgan (James Kidnie, Bird on a Wire), Dr. Cray Z. Mallardo (Cliff De Young, The Craft), Commander Cash (Roddy Piper, WWE and They Live) and Corrupt Corporate Executive Chip Chayken (John Rubinstein, The Boys From Brazil) in this action-packed TV series.


Behind The Scenes Featurette
Toy Commercial
Photo Gallery
Cast Profiles (Richard Eden, Lisa Madigan, Andrea Roth, Sarah Campbell, & David Gardner)
From Cinema to the Small Screen Featurette
The Future of Law Enforcement: The History of RoboCop Featurette
Fun Facts & Info
Put Down Your Weapon: The Auto 9 Gun Featurette
The Car Featurette
The Suit Featurette

The Future Of Law Enforcement
Prime Suspect

Trouble In Delta City
Officer Missing
What Money Can't Buy
Ghosts Of War
Zone Five

Provision 22
Faces Of Eve
When Justice Fails
The Human Factor
Inside Crime

RoboCop vs Commander Cash
Tin Man
Sisters In Crime

Mother's Day
Corporate Raiders
Midnight Minus One
Public Enemies

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