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John Connor [Celluloid 03.11.22] China post apocalyptic apocalyptic scifi action thriller adventure dystopic

ITN Distribution has debuted a trailer for the epic Chinese disaster flick Restart the Earth where sentient plants take over life as we know it!

To fight desertification, human beings develop special drugs to promote the reproduction of plant cells. In the process they accidentally awaken the plants' intelligence, soon creating a global green tide which threatens to end human life on Earth.

The Chinese disaster film stars Mickey He, Mi Luo, Michelle Ye, Li Ning, Li Ruoxi, Ye Xinyu and Huang Kai-Lun and is directd by Zhenzhao Lin.

Check out the epic trailer below:

Recommended Release: Skyfire

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Digger (6 months ago) Reply

Is this the epic action-packed sequel to M. Night's "The Happening" film?

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