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John Connor [Celluloid 03.07.22] scifi

Tim Leandro's first short film "Tomorrow Calling" from 1993 based on William Gibson's short story "The Gernsback Continuum".

Bill is shooting architectural photographs of "futuristic" buildings of the 30's for a coffee table book commissioned by Dialta. But as he frames up a deco bingo hall, a vast airship looms over him. Is it a dream? H

is friend Mervyn tells him it is a manifestation of the mass unconscious, a "semiotic ghost". Bill next sees people dressed like extras from "Things to Come", the futuristic fantasy. Mervyn advises Bill that there is no future, only a futuristic dream invented in the present, and that the cure is a large dose of pornography. Bill goes straight to the video shop and its top shelf.

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