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The Trip.

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The Trip.

Postby wa5 » Sun Jul 23, 2017 7:42 pm

This story kind of ties in with White Knight, but from the Author of that books' point of view.

The trip.

Dear diary....
Nah, screw that, it makes me sound like Marcia Brady.
24 July, 2017. Monday.
Been meaning to start a journal for some time, but since I lost my job, there's been not a lot to write about, no crazy customers or arsehole managers to whinge about. just day after day of knock backs for jobs I didn't really want anyway.
But today, something happened, I got a PM through Quiet Earth about "The Story".
Quiet Earth is a website dedicated to science fiction, specifically to Post Apocalyptic fiction, they have a forum where frustrated authors can post up stories, I wrote one very loosely based on me and my surrounding area and how I might cope with a PA event.
So, back to the message, guy says he's a producer based in LA and is very impressed by the story. He wants to talk to me about purchasing the rights to make it into a movie. Says it could run into a "significant amount of money". Probably just another scammer, have to keep my feet on the ground and be very careful, but it would be nice if its legit.

Anyway, as this is the first interesting thing that's happened in my life in over a year, I thought it was time to start a journal. Just like the un named hero in my story. Who knows, if I become the next John Wyndham or J L Bourne, it might be nice to write it down.... slow down, check that the guy actually exists first.

Well, he exists, that's a start.

Kanly Powers, Hollywood producer. not really in the big league, had a few B movies behind him, Mostly for TV, no Sci Fi, mostly love stories. He's been tied up with a few Hollywood beauties. According to Google reviews, He's young, hungry and the next big thing.

Just returned his message, asking for a phone number, if it doesn't match the office number I found on the net, I'll be very suspicious.

25th July, 2017. Tuesday.
The number matches, I have to call him in less than one hour.

Well, that was quick, I'm off to America next Sunday. He loves the book, and wants to have a meeting about it. He wants to get my ideas on a movie and be in on writing the script. He did ask how the hero avoided contracting the plague as I was purposely vague on that detail, its for book two. and was a little non plussed when I let him in on the secret. He said "that will make casting difficult". As I'd always pictured the movie being shot in first person (yes I've thought about how my story would look as a movie, I'm allowed to dream), I have never really seen it as a problem.

Just checked my emails, the ticket has arrived, its an open date return, and what a bonus, he has sprung for business class on Qantas, nice. I'm a big bloke, so the extra room will be appreciated.

Just to be sure, I called the airline, the ticket is legit, its been paid for, and its in my name. the only person who can cancel it, is me, good to know I wont get stuck half way across the world if we don't make a deal (yes, I'm the untrusting type, better to be safe than sorry).

Late evening.
finished printing out a copy of the book, taking it to the solicitors in the morning along with as much proof as I can that the book is my intellectual property. Even by the script I think I could prove it beyond doubt, but its better to be careful.

26th July, 2017. Wednesday.
Wow, big things happening in America.
A failed assassination attempt on Trump and ten or twelve of his top people. Three of them dead, The law got all the nut jobs. Five of the antifa crazies dead, three wounded, the rest screeching like banshees about stopping the hate. that doesn't hold much water when you've just shot at elected officials.

Dropped off the manuscript and got some advice from my solicitor, which basically came down to "send me a copy of any contract before you sign it". bought a power adaptor for my beloved if battered and old Acer laptop, it will also work for my phone, Telstra said the phone would work ok in the US, but OMG the charges. Even texts would break me, lucky that I was looking at a "significant amount of money" coming my way. Kanly had mentioned $250k for the movie rights, cant believe it.

27th July 2017, Thursday.
Just finished sending emails to a few people. I have some distant relatives in Canada, it would be nice to put a voice to the avatars on facebook, also my Nephew is undergoing F35 training at Edwards Air Force Base. I know he is very busy, but the training is coming to an end, I'd like to catch up with him if I can.

Trump is on the warpath, if his face gets any redder, his head will explode. He has just declared Antifa and Black Lives Matter to be terrorist organisations along with a few others I'd never heard of, he warned them not to gather or protest. He addressed Americas Police forces and said "boys, the leash is off, go get em". Big trouble in the US I think. Reckon my visits while I'm there might go on the back burner, I can see big troubles ahead.

I know that Trump doesn't help things when he puts stories out there about pardoning himself for the Russian thing, but my God, how dumb do you have to be to not be able to realize he is just stirring the pot.

I think he might have stirred it a little to hard, The crazies don't have a sense of humour. and their hornets nest is certainly buzzing.

28th July, 2017. Friday.

The lunatics are loose in the States, its spilling over into Europe, England and there's even a few nutjobs rioting here.
Its getting really bad. Milo Yiannopoulos, He's a gay bloke who loves Trump and is hated by everybody who doesn't, almost died today, He was staying in one of Trumps Hotels in New York, still doing a lot of publicity for his new book. Ten thousand of the Antifa crazies stormed the hotel. The front desk hit the alarms as they broke through the glass doors and put out a warning over the PA system. Yiannopoulos and his group left the floor moments before the lynch mob arrived, yep they had a rope. Milo and co made it to the roof with the crazies in hot pursuit. Apparently the lynch mob underestimated the Dangerous Faggot. He had been rather well armed and put down ten of them according the security footage. Its still not clear if he will be charged for shooting them, as there may be no proof or witnesses. Milos group barricaded themselves on the roof and called an air taxi. Enraged at missing their target the peaceful lynch mob set fire to the Hotel leaving their wounded friends and 17 hotel guests to burn in the resultant blaze. The top two thirds of the Hotel were lost. Predicably Milo was broadcasting on Youtube even as he fled in the Chopper.

Police were hampered by New Yorks Mayor, He wouldn't let them tackle the protesters, they were simply there to protect the public, and they complained bitterly to any media about this as they tracked the huge rioting mob as they targeted Trump assets along with any other company they held a grudge against.

Trump Raged as the Mayor of the city refused to let him send in the troops. Mayor de Blasio seemed to gloat as he shut down any offers of assistance that were offered by the federal government. The petty bastard was playing politics while peoples lively hoods burned to the ground and innocents were beaten, kicked, stomped, murdered and raped.

The centre of New York was a war zone.

Smaller riots broke out all over the world, in all major cities the crazies were out. Demanding Trumps impeachment, the more extreme one just wanted him dead. of course, all the usual fun stuff on the communist manifesto got an airing as well. how the groups embrace of communism would work with their demands of cash reparations for all minorities, I wasn't sure.

29th July, 2017. Saturday

A leisurely trip to Sydney, from my home near Newcastle, by Train, A trip of about three hours. All seemed normal until I got to central station. the inside of the station, was filled with protestors and rioters. The trouble seemed to explode just as my train arrived. Screams and shouts, breaking glass, smoke. The few transit Police didn't stand a chance, there must have been a thousand rioters inside. The passengers that had just departed the train, returned. The driver, obviously at the end of his shift, said this trains going nowhere, one of the larger passengers, took him forcibly by the arm and led him a little closer to the melee inside the station, the only way to the exits was past those lunatics. The driver was convinced, whether it was by the trouble inside the station or by the large scary man holding him, I couldn't say, but he got on the radio and soon had us trundling out of the station.
The next station, only a few hundred metres away, was clear, we alighted there.

A short cab ride, shared with a few other passengers saw me at my Motel. A fairly small affair. with a non descript shop front was probably a wise choice in the current conditions.

I'd planned to try and take in a stage show during the evening, but Sydney was closed, the riots were nowhere near as bad as New York, but trouble was starting up all over the place. I ordered room service for lunch as I checked in and then made my way up to the room, carefully noting the location of emergency exits (I always do that at any motel I stay at, but I took more notice at this one), Inspected my room, clean and neat, standard 3 and a half stars, on the second floor with a small balcony, I found myself wondering if I could climb down if I really had to. being scared silly of heights, probably not.

My lunch arrived, a hamburger and chips, washed down with a coke. As I ate, I watched the news, all the channels had news broadcasts going. it seemed that I had missed a major development while I was on the train. Trump had lost patience with the mayor of New York and had sent in the troops, he declared martial law and gave a shoot to kill order effective one hour after martial law had been introduced. that time had passed. The rioters continued rioting, they took no notice of the massing troops, until the bullets flew.

They must have been expecting that, bullhorns screamed "NOW" as one the protesters stopped, they raised their left hands and bought their right hands down on top of them. it was spooky and quiet. as they pulled their right hands away, blood could be seen coming from the back of their left hand.

(EDIT from later)
I didn't know what I was watching, though it made me very very uneasy. Had I had any inkling of what they had done, I'd never have boarded the plane, I'd have fled back to my home and hidden. END EDIT.

I was glued to the news on the screen, watching as they spread out in all directions, seeming to swat at everybody they met up with, police, army man, woman, child. A chant went up "If we cant have it, you cant have it" that continued through the afternoon, they seems very well organised for an unruly mob.

The front desk called up around five and said that the kitchen would be closing early, If i wanted anything to eat for dinner, I had better order it now. The steak was over cooked, but not terribly so, Obviously the cooks had other things on their mind.

8.30, time for bed.

30th July, 2017. Sunday.

QF11 would leave Sydney airport at 9.50, I always like to be early, Even though the airport is less than an hour from my Motel, I arose, showered and was waiting at the front door for the cab by 5am.

I was toying with taking the cab directly to the airport, but $50 is a lot to pay if I can take the train for a lot less.

Central station was quiet as we approached there were several police on duty, I asked if the airport line was operating and safe, they said it was. I thanked and paid the cabbie.

I was the only person on the platform waiting for the train. I shared the carriage with what looked like a very unkempt bum. at the next stop a Woman got on, she had a small case and wore an over coat, though it wasn't that cold. I was at one end of the carriage, she was in the middle, the bum, now awake was at the other.

I kept an eye on him with my monocular, did I mention that I have poor vision, a trait I share with the hero of my book, the monocular is a four inch by one inch telescope that can focus from arms length to infinity and has 8x magnification, its indispensable to me, it gives me something resembling regular vision but with a much reduced field.

The bum rose, and picked his target, the Woman, of course. He was probably just after few dollars, but she was looking somewhat alarmed as he approached, I grabbed my bag and raced towards her "Tracy, I thought that was you, gee, how long has it been", she was very quick on the uptake " Peter, I think you were still in the Police force, though I heard you retired", "yep private security now" The bum turned and skulked away, leaving the carriage.

"Thanks "peter"' she said.
"You're very welcome "tracy"' I replied.

The airport was the next stop, we both exited the train. As we left the station, another bum approached, he looked very much the worse for wear. cuts and bruises, I notice blood on his left hand, as he was almost upon us, He had his right hand up as if to slap or swat at us. At the top of his voice he screamed "Iv vee gandavid yougandavid" his nose was obviously badly broken and I'd bet he'd lost a few teeth recently. I don't think either of us expected to be attacked at the international airport, that just didn't happen. at the last minute I figured he planned to slap us with his open hand. and threw up my duffle bag to block him, his hand seemed to snag on my bag for some reason, and he was caught. So like the gentleman I am and with a view to the Marquis of Queensbury rules, I kicked him in the balls. His scream turned into a whimper as he fell. I don't think any man ever feels good about doing that to another bloke, even though he was about to assault us, I felt bad for him, as he lost interest in everything but his throbbing testicles. laying there curled up in a foetal position.

Noticing something shiny on his outstretched right hand, I used my monocular for a closer look (it would mean taking my attention from him as I focussed only on his right hand, but from bitter bitter personal experience, I knew he wasn't a threat ). It was a ring, with an inch long spike, or needle on the underside. He had been trying to stick us with that. the bastard. I didn't feel bad about planting a steel cap in his groin any more as I wondered what he was trying to infect us with.

Security arrived, we both warned them about the spike, before they got to close. they asked how he had been put down, when I told them, one of them grimaced. I suggested the get the ring tested. neither seemed interested. we both headed for check in.
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Re: The Trip.

Postby wa5 » Fri Aug 11, 2017 7:52 am

As my watch beeped, signalling the 6th hour of the day, I heard one of the guards "You fucking bastard" after a hiss of indrawn breath, then scuffling footsteps, approaching from behind. Again the bum was running at the girl. To late I pushed her aside, it meant he hit her a glancing blow. She spun, almost held her balance, and fell, The bum was around and on her, sinking his teeth into the top of her arm.

I wear steel capped work boots everywhere, I just find them comfortable, Her scream distracted me somewhat, and my first kick to his midriff was something of a glancing blow. I was a little shocked, even though it didn't fully connect, it should have been enough, I felt it partially connect. Her scream faded, and some very unladylike language came from between her clenched lips. The guards were almost upon us as I lined up for the second kick, It probably broke his jaw.

The guards, one of them nursing his own bloody hand admonished me for assaulting the bum, "Is your arm ok" I asked the girl, ignoring the bleeding guard "it hurts, but I don't think it broke the skin, my coat saved me". I still didn't know her real name, but offered to take a look if we could find a bench. One of the guards said we would have to go with them to fill out reports, and I may face charges for assault. The girl... the woman, spun of the hapless rent a cops and informed them that the first sentence on any report wither of us wrote would be questioning how the guards had lost custody of the bum in the first place.

They turned and dragged the unconscious man away.

Within a minute, we were in the terminal, just near the check in counter. She removed her coat and presented her arm. I inspected it, badly bruised, but the skin wasn't broken. I backed that up by checking with my scope, explaining the reason to the girl I still knew only as "Tracy". Taking my small first aid kit from my back pack, I dabbed a little antiseptic lotion onto the bruised area and offered a bandage or some band aids, she refused both.

It was always going to be awkward after the intense way we had met "Hi, I'm Trevor Matheson" I said, a little lamely. She gave a small snort and said "You aren't going to believe this, but I'm Tracy.... Tracy Peters". I joined her in a small laugh, adding a bemused shake of the head.

She checked her watch, "goodness, I'm late"

We both made our way to the check in counter, we both did the standard "after you's", she won, I went through first "QF11 wont be boarding for a little over three hours, the Qantas lounge is through the entry and too the left, about 50 metres", the lady gestured behind her as she returned my ticket, and tagged my duffel bag. As it slid away on the conveyer, The desk attendant said "Hi Tracy, you're bird is already at the gate", she thanked the girl and we walked towards the security check in. I managed to take a good look at her as we walked, Older than I thought, mid 40s at a guess, straight brown hair, pretty. about 5'9. not fat, not skinny, just regular. As we approached security, she said goodbye, Thanked me for my help, smiled and said she hoped we'd meet again. She breezed through the checkpoint and disappeared into the departure area.

Every time I hit security, I get picked for the chemical sniffer, its supposed to be random, who knows? then to the metal detector, belt, shoes, hat, glasses, phone, wallet, watch, keys... beeeeep, oh yeah, scope. give the security guy a dumb smile as I pass through for the second time, get rewarded with a sneer. grumpy jerk.

Spend five minutes reloading and head for the Qantas club, this was a new experience for me, as I'd never been able to afford business class before.

The business lounge is very nice, I have a good breakfast and settle down in front of the big screen to catch up on the news, CNN is running as my watch beeps 7.

The riots are all that is being covered, they are world wide. What appeared to be a loose group of student agitators, had morphed into a well organised militant group that stretched across the globe. It seemed no major city was safe.
From some nameless CNN announcer I learned about the rings. it was breaking news, The rings were thought to contain something akin to ICE or a similar hallucinogenic substance, reports were coming in that the needle sent a person mad, triggering violent behaviour and gaining a higher tolerance to pain, something which could appear to be added strength, behaviour that was similar to an ICE addict. The report continued with the news that at this stage, nobody who had been affected by the drug, had yet recovered. Their behaviour simply became more and more violent.

A cold shudder ran through me as I recalled how close I had come to getting stuck.

I took advantage of the complimentary computer, to do a little more research, first taking the time to select the handy magnifier that Microsoft were good enough to include on Windows. Trying to use a PC without the magnifier was possible with my nose on the screen, but difficult and time consuming. As it happened, I needn't have bothered, CNN had the jump on this, nobody else was talking about it yet.

I settled in to watch the news and update my diary, until my flight was called, wondering if the promise of a big pay day was worth the risk to travel into an area reportedly over run with crazies. My boarding call has come all too soon, more later.
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