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So Alone.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 8:51 am
by wa5
Two years, Nine months, thirteen days since I saw another human being, Dear Diary... same news, different day, I am so lonely. I don't know how much longer I can face life alone.
About the only thing I have left is this diary, just about all the food is gone, I'm not just lonely, I'm three staggering steps ahead of starvation. Oh, I also still have my Casio G shock, it still keeps great time, it counts off the seconds, the minutes, hours and days of my lonely existence. and I have my gun.. no food but plenty of ammo.... cant eat bullets, though one day soon... I just might.

If somebody should one day find this journal near my wasted body, I hope you aren't alone, its the worst.

I found a feast this morning, a tin of baked beans in the burnt out ruins of a supermarket. Four hours of digging and that's all I found, I'm grateful, it will keep me alive for another day. Another day to dig and forage and maybe stave off death for another day... You know, dear diary, I would gladly forgo the lifesaving delights of those wonderful beans, if I could share them with somebody else, anybody else, it could be Hitler for all I care.

Dear Diary, the most wonderful thing happened today. Staggering down the road, just searching for my next meal, when I heard it, The smooth low rumble of a healthy V8. I saw the glint of sun on chrome, probably 5 miles down the interstate. The feeling of excitement that shot through me as I thought about the person coming my way, to finally talk to another Human being. I started practicing my introduction. Hello, my name is.... No, Hi, great to see you..... No, Boy am I glad to see you...... I had to consciously force myself to stop talking to my self as the White Bronco rolled to a halt right in front of me.... you will laugh about this diary, but for a minute, I thought it might have been OJ..... at that point, I honestly wouldn't have cared....

He was immaculately dressed, in a crisp white suit, not a drop of sweat as he emerged from the air conditioned interior of the gleaming Ford. "Boy oh boy, I havn't seen another Human being in over two years, am I glad to se you"....

I told him my name and we commenced to get to know each other, He had a compound with enough food stored and growing to keep us going forever, along with all the comforts of home, power, heat, air, hot water... and most importantly, good company.

He invited me to share his wealth, he seemed like a nice guy, as we began to roll down the road in the big Ford, I even enjoyed the music that was coming from the Broncos Cassette player, Good company, good music, and the promise of all the food I wanted, how could this get any better?

I would have been better if he had some food with him, but he had polished off his packed lunch half an hour before meeting me. Oh well, I could wait the three hours or so it wold take to get back to his out of the way stronghold....

It turned out he had lived there before the great plague. he was rich it tuned out, something to do with computers... and had set up his retreat in the back country. He'd always had an interest in survivalism and had the money to build and buy top shelf equipment and supplies.

We swapped stories about our past as we drove, the Eagles playing softly in the background, I honestly never though I would hear recorded music again... I found myself singing along to "Hotel California" as we drove steadily through the traffic snarls, the tears of joy at the reversal of my situation rolling down my cheeks.

I asked him exactly what his business with computers entailed, He owned a media company it seemed, and had a group of hundreds of operators who inserted information into web pages all over the net...

I don't know if he felt the change in the atmosphere as he explained that the industry term was "search engine optimiser" not "spammer".... The Bronco rolled to a stop, just after I emptied the entire magazine of my glock into that spamming bastards head.

As I write this, careful to stay out of the acrid smoke from the burning Ford and its frying owner, you may wonder, dear diary, how this day is so great, I'm still hungry, I'm alone again and I am still walking.... all this may be true.....

But at least I'm not mixing with @$%&*(@! Spammers... Life is indeed good.