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No Man's Land

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No Man's Land

Postby mzh » Thu May 28, 2009 3:17 pm

This is my first major zombie story i will keep writing till i run outta ideas tell me what you think and give ideas there will be characters and more. keep reading

It's Black Black Hawk Down meets 28 Weeks Later mixed with Resistance Fall of Man with some tears of the Sun

Nobody knew where it came from, well nobody but those back in Washington... and those who ignited it. but it seemed to hit the United States like a freight train.... it started in the Middle East, the news reporters announced a new form of outbreak in the middle east.. some say it was a biological attack used by some new terrorist group that wanted to make a name for themselves.. didn't know exactly what the effects were? how could they? they just wanted to kill soldiers.It was just a little virus that was suppose to confuse and weaken the enemy. At least that was what the old timer's said. Instead, it drove them mad and ravenous.. Little did they know, they had unleashed a weapon that didn't acknowledge armies, treaties or boundaries.. all it knew was hunger....and annihilation.

Madness ensued in the cities. Soldiers were being attacked by friends and brothers in arms who had been infected. Hospitals and Towns had to be fire bombed in order to stop the rate of the spread. It was heartbreaking for the airmen to had to carry out the order, but what else could be done. Soon insurgent and Coalition troops were not fighting on the streets for Freedom or ideals. They weren't even fighting each other this new was merely for survival... The news reports stopped calling it a bio-attack and now called it a Plague, it swept across the middle east. Riot's broke out in Iran and Saudi Arabia, Nuclear action was threatened by neighboring countries in order to stop the spread of the new threat that could consume the world like a horde of locust. Armies were put on Red Alert in case of attack from the infected or other countries... Fortunately the situation was contained thanks to mediated talks and strategies in order to combat this new threat... but the battle was far from over. Refugees traveled from country to country searching for a safe haven.

Back in the United States all was quiet on their 'Western Front'. The people were afraid, but nothing too drastic, Gas went up a few more cents, but other than that people went about their normal lives. at least those who seemed sane. Those who seemed 'odd' by societies standards, were the smart ones. The gun nuts, the survivalist and old-school vets that stocked up on guns, ammo, water and beef jerky in order to be prepared for any end-time scenario. Church Attendance even went up. People wanted answers and comfort, and there's only one that can truly give it.

Being the humanitarian nation it is, the United States even decided to take in ships full of refugee's from the middle east. That would dock in the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California and Ellis Island in New York City. News Reporters gather at the arrivals of the ships with joy and glee. Here was the U.S. giving out a helping hand to others. and truly it was noble. and that's when the storm would gather....

Leonard Washington, stormed the Oval Office, mad as hell, normally if any other person attempted to do this would be immediately taken down by Secret Service, but since he was the Secretary of State he just seem to have it like that. As a West Point graduate he worked his way up in the United States Army as an officer up to a Lt. General. but unlike most graduates he didn't want to be behind the scenes he wanted asked to in the line of fire with those under his command. This frame of mind had him earn the respect of many in the military and other government branches. Some thought the real reason he worked his way so fast was because of the change of the times in America and since he was black, Affirmative Action was the case, but Leonard did not feel that way, and if he did, he would have thrown the offer in their faces.

Leonard swung the doors open, and found the president playing tetris. "Mr President". the former general said, " Can you tell me why you decided to take in boats full of refugee's from contaminated areas without consulting me?" The president just took a small breath and replied, " Leonard, these are people in need, not liabilities." "That's exactly what they are sir, forget many are from hostile countries, the infection or whatever they call it is a bigger problem. It hasn't even been fully researched yet. I have C.I.A. report's stating vicious massacres, in Fallujah and parts of Yemen. Heck, even terrorist web sites have gone quite.. they are scared of something.. more than us. and you bring in vessels in highly populated areas..." The president walked over to his fridge and pulled out some gatorade, then replied. " I never said it was the smartest thing, but it is the right thing. Back in World War II ships of Jewish refugee's came to the U.S. asking for a safe haven, and had to send them away, although some were saved many more were sent back to the slaughterhouse in Europe.... I won't let this country do that twice. and as for security and the American people, that's what I have you for old friend." Leonard just smirked he could see why the President was popular on both sides of the aisle. He was compassionate yet strong. Before he could reply, the president's phone rang, from the look on his face, Leonard knew something was something was very. wrong. " The ship didn't make it to New York.. is dead in the water." the president said. "Have you tried to reach it?" Leonard asked. " We lost all contact.. Last transmission was 'they have taken the ship...locked in the cabin..please send help..." At least it's contained, but what about San Francisco?" Washington asked, The President replied, "its already docked.. the press is there waiting and the escorts are opening the hatch" Leonard immediately got on the phone, " I'm going to need the National on alert, Local law enforcement too... depending on the rate of infection we may need to quarantine the island.." "May god help them." Leonard Prayed, "For i don't know if I can."
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Re: No Man's Land

Postby quietearth » Thu May 28, 2009 4:11 pm

I like it.. especially the part about God being the answer, I think that's something that should be explored more, but not crappy like The Stand or Left Behind.
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Re: No Man's Land

Postby mzh » Sun Jun 07, 2009 12:28 am

your welcome, thou with all due respect i love LB. and yes the second 'book; will expalin how very much god is behind it in a way
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Re: No Man's Land

Postby mzh » Wed Jun 17, 2009 12:12 pm

the scent of chaos of festering on the docks, when the ship made it to port that day, the people of San Francisco expected to welcome a few hundred refugees.. instead what they would get was a taste of what was to come. The docking bay was quiet at first... and even the most hopeful of greeters could tell something was wrong. The port officials lowered the hatch.. and then dozens of screaming people bolted from the ship some bleeding others falling to the ground. So afraid were the people that some jumped from the ramp into the ocean. The people standing at the docks were shocked and baffled, two minutes later the people would know why. A few blood soaked figures came walking out, looking around and sniffing the air.

The shapes soon started to walk toward the dock and seen the people horrified, immediately the infected being let out a ungodly shriek, it could be described as a war cry. One could have believed it was from some monster from the sea, yet it came from human beings. They darted for the docks. one by one. soon more were on there way, towards what would be a massive feast. Soon more were storming the ramps and even lunging at each other just to hunt their prey. The Port authorities managed to lift the docking ramp up. To their credit it would prove to save more lives but stopping more from getting out and isolating the outbreak, but in the long run the damage was done. The infected ran threw the pier searched out their next meals. one 'being" jumped on top of a woman that seemed to be knocked over. lucky for her she didn't forget her tazer before leaving the house and jabbed it right in the creatures eyes, it howled out in pain and jerked around while trying to regain its footing, a random stranger came by and kicked it square in the temple. It went straight to the ground, the stranger then let out a loud " Yeah Boy!!" He then helped the woman up. It seemed that humans were not such a lost cause, and chivalry was not dead after all. Others however were not so fortunate, many were trampled upon and left behind for the infected to feast on. It seemed they went straight for the neck and latched on, the screams would make even the toughest person get a shiver down their spine. others seemed determined to not go down without a fight, they would punch, kick or gouge the eyes or their captors.

Officer John Tsao and Issiah Jenkins, two local beat cops on the scene were already, beginning to take positions and help stop the chaos. They would give warnings to the infected creatures as was standards procedure, and then fire trying to maim, they would soon find out only force would stop these creatures. " I know it seems cruel and wrong." Tsao said, "But we have to use head shots, these things are not human, and will not stop until were dead or they are dead." Jenkins just nodded. "Don't be a hero, or killed." Tsao told his partner. " Since went did you get soft on me Tsao?" Jenkins smirked. " Since i don't want to have to write a bigger report today, when we get back." Tsao replied. Jenkins just looked at his partner and said, " what makes you think we'll even get back?"

Jim Clayton was awakened in his boat only fifty feet away from where the madness has begun. “ Ah crap! And it was a great dream too.” He said to himself. What was it this time? Jim wondered. Another protest over the so-called ‘War on Oil’ or an S and M parade gone badly, Jim thought to himself. It really didn’t matter; it was all the same to him and just as annoying. He hated San Francisco, or ‘Frisco’ was his cousins would call it. It was full of trust fund tree-huggers and that was just city council he always said. Yet for some reason he just couldn’t leave. There was something here that couldn’t be found anywhere else.

Jim was a young man with old-school ideals in a new age world. He was black and Mexican which gave his features that would make any girl do a double take, especially the ones from San Jose. He had recently resigned from the United States Marine Corp. Not for any particular or political reason, just because his time was up and though it was time for a change. He had been enlisted since the age of seventeen, fresh out of high school. While in the Corp, he had served in the infantry and was a natural on the shooting range. Even thou he never fired a rifle before in his life. He even made it to the level of marksmen, which always impressed his superiors. But over the years he decided he wanted to try something new and using the boat his uncle had left him began traveling up and down the coast of North and parts of South America, making his way through various trades. Yet, even thou he left the Corp. The Corp would never leave him and his skills would be put to the ultimate test.

The former Jarhead ran up to the captains chair on the deck and pulled out his binoculars in order to see what the commotion was for. He would soon regret his curiosity. Jim watched as the infected beings were tearing through fleeing human beings, and using their teeth and nails to rip out strips of flesh from their prey. His previous military background, equipped him to withstand most of the carnage, but nothing could prepare him for what he seen next. The bodies that were lying on the ground and were not totally devoured, begin to jerk a little bit, then start to get up. At first they seemed disoriented. Then, they would sniff the air and take off in search on their brethren and more victims. It reminded him of a passage from the bible. It was Revelation 9:6, “And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.”

The whole sight sent s chill down his spine. He seemed the rumors and stories from his friends and old connections were true. But he didn’t have time to dwell on it.The next thing that caught his eye was a pack of them surrounding a little girl; she appeared to be no older than eleven. She had something in her hands, it was some kind of stick or pipe she was using it to keep them away. It clearly would only work for so long. He also spotted two officers trying to get to her, only to be ambushed by more of the infected. One was black, he had a 12-gauge shotgun and was blasting away as each creature kept coming toward him spraying each of them to the ground. The other was Asian, what kind, James couldn’t tell, he has dated many but to this day could never tell the difference.

He was bashing one infected head’s in with a baton while putting two rounds in another. There was no way they would get to her in time and he wasn’t about to let more people die. He went down below deck and went to a tarp that hid a compartment in the ship. When he opened the box it revealed large array of firearms, some were legal, others were obtained thru various sources. None the less he reached for an ‘old friend’. It as a slightly modified M-14 rifle. It was a weapon developed by the United States during the Vietnam War, his uncle taught him how to use it when he found out about his skills in the Corp.

It wasn’t a fancy weapon or good for auto-fire, but it made up for accuracy and distance. Good thing he was good and didn’t plan in getting anywhere near those things. Jim mounted the scope and took aim. Immediately his Marine instincts took over. He began to plan how to take down every single ‘zombie’, ‘that’s right they are zombies.” he said to himself, deal with it. He took down the infected furthest from the pack in order not to alert the others, the shot went through the left eye and out the back of its head.

The creature went down hard. Jim then took out the one closest to the little girl, hitting the back of its leg in order to slow it down and make it turn its head, which it did and was greeted with a lead present. By then the others began to take notice, some try to zero in on his location others decided to take off. Neither group had a chance. He started to pick them off one by one, never forgetting to exhale with each shot. One was hit in the spine and went straight to the ground, another tried to go for the black cop who was putting shells back in the shotgun. The cop was stunned for a few seconds then went back to business. In the few minutes the madness started, it was ended by the cop’s valor and a sea captain with good aim but a bad day. Twenty infected were counted dead. The rest took off, Jim was relieved was disappointed he didn’t care of the rest, they could still harm others and spread the virus.

Tsao, found the girl hiding behind a huge trash. He was impressed she was smart to take cover when the shooting started. Jim walked towards the two officers. Rifle in hand in case there were a couple meat eater that wanted another bite. “ We need to get out of here.” Jim told the two officers. Jenkins replied to the marksman“As much as I’d love nothing more, we have sworn to protect the people of this city, and there's going to be a lot of that needed today.”
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Re: No Man's Land

Postby mzh » Wed Jun 17, 2009 12:14 pm

Everything had hit the fan now, due to Tsao and Jenkins report. San Francisco Police Chief Henry De La Cerda had finally responded to the threat. But quietly, he didn't want the press to get wind of what his plan was, or the Feds to get involved. It would expose the real truth to the people and cause more panic, and the truth was he was losing control of the situation and the City. He had been in the Department for over 35 years, and had endured more many trials since then. The Zodiac and Night stalker murders, the Racial killings and riots in the 70's the earthquake in the late 80's and even internal police corruption.

He believed what was happening could be contained and stopped within a day or two, the governor could piss off for all he cared, Henry didn't vote for him anyway. Plus, the last thing he needed was the National Guard coming in and spraying his city with itchy trigger fingers. That would only happen if people started to panic and the riots, people in this city just jumped at the chance to protest it’s like a recreational activity. Henry called in available units and had several 'bases' of operation set up throughout the City. He ordered the business sectors and downtown-shopping districts shut down and sealed off in order to combat the infected carriers. The S.W.A.T. team was even called in to calm the nerves of the officers on duty. Other sectors were the Castro Districts and Dolores Parks. Henry may have been sneaky but he wasn't stupid, if these things were that vicious they would have to shamble and walk up the longs hills and San Francisco, towards they're prey. His men would be ready to pick them off.

Authorities ordered people to return towards their homes. Those visiting the City were advised to immediately leave the City via their vehicles or B.A.R.T. station. People were getting in the officers faces calling them fascists and even 'PIGS'. "'Pigs' eh?" said a voice from behind a squad car, "can't anybody come up with something more original than that?" It was Trevor Kennedy, a newly promoted Detective in the force. He was young and brash, very good at tinkering with cars and electronics should have been a mechanic or best buy. But he liked his job so here he was. " All you people have five seconds to leave or I will show Police brutality in a minute." The protesters seemed to have got the message and walked down the hill to either catch a ride out of the city. He looked around and assessed the scenario.

This had bad ‘juju’ written all over it. The Police were to protect and serve the people, some did it better than others but the fact still remains. And as for the S.W.A.T. teams, they were skilled but were not soldiers. He heard the phone calls and the reports from survivors, the ones that were hushed up and taken from record. People would panic and bullets would fly. Not to mention the camera crew from the local media stations were annoying the crap out of him. " Detective, is this really an epidemic? Were the refugee's knowingly part of a terrorist conspiracy?" one reporter asked. " No comment." Trevor replied. " Better yet, I got nothing to say." "Come on you have to give us something," the reporter, said. "Ok," Trevor replied, get some lotion, you have the ashiest elbows I’ve ever seen." The report was embarrassed mainly because they were on live television. It seemed the Chief couldn't snuff out all of the press.

Five minutes later, the same people had returned, this time with even more people armed with bats, clubs, and crowbars even small arms. " I really don't need this today." Trevor muttered, "more paperwork and less nap time for me". He reached for his gun, not really knowing what to expect. Then he realized the people weren't the problem, it was the things following them up the hill. The infected. The people jumped over the barricades and over the squad cars desperately trying to get away from the walking virus. People were being trampled again and some rolled down the hill just to land in the grasp of ravenous infected. Luckily the chief's plan had some common sense the hill seemed to work so far. It was slowly the carriers down but also the civilians as well. Some were trying to defend themselves with their weapons hitting the infected in the head or kneecaps just to get them to fall down.

Trevor had seen enough, he jumped over the defense perimeter and started helping people up the hill when the closest infected got close to him he took out his .44 revolver magnum and blew most of his brains out of his skull on to the pavement. Another was pouncing on a man who was stabbing at one as a means of defense. He admired the man's spirit and rewarded it by placing a round in the carriers left cheek. Amazingly the man wasn't hurt but there were countless others who were those who were not fast enough o r had children used themselves of a diversion. Were taken down. He had never seen so much blood; it seemed to pour down the road like a small stream.

The Police Force began to take action. The snipers on the rooftops began to take out the slower ones before they could reach the top of the hill. Since they were safe up there they were less likely to panic and fire randomly, as least in theory. He could hear the voices over the radio. " Got one!" Said a sharpshooter" that one looked like my ex." said another. There was laughter from those who heard. It was a good way to boost the morale. But it was not till long more kept coming and coming. Soon the carriers were at the barricade. The S.w.a.t. teams ran up front to provide good cover fire. Using riot shotguns and MP-5's, to quell the coming onslaught. Bullets ran through the infected mowing them down as they came toward the boys in blue.

"Remember those crappy movies mama never let you watch, you always aim for the head." said one of the shooters. The tactic was working until the MP-5's have to be reloaded. That’s when the 'shot gunners’ came in using a wall of lead to hold back the infected. What it lacked in headshots, it made up for in stopping power. The carriers were being shot back down the hill almost as quickly as they had come up. All the meanwhile the news cameras were catching the whole thing on tape and live. Normally Det. Kennedy would have made the cameramen turn it off, but this time it was different. It wasn't some station trying to get more ratings, the country, not the world needed to see this. Hopefully somebody higher up would see this and do something about it.

The mission seemed to have worked, the causality list was low for those escaping but the squad didn't take a single loss, mainly because it was made up of veteran officers and shooters. Or maybe it was god sending a small blessing. Trevor wasn't sure, but he was grateful. Grateful until at least until he heard the radio from another base of operations.


Trevor could hear more shots being fired before the radio went silent. He knew where the base was. And they didn’t have much time. He ran to one of the armored SWAT vans and began to fire up the ignition. " What are you doing?' said one of the men. "I'm going to help them because nobody else can" Trevor said. "It’s suicidal, and crazy at best, but we don't leave men behind. “Anybody else with a sack, and that includes lady officers load up and get in the car." He had twelve volunteers He hoped it would be enough but wasn't too optimistic. He began to do something he hadn't done since he was seventeen. He began to pray.
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Re: No Man's Land

Postby mzh » Thu Jun 25, 2009 10:21 am

Trevor Kennedy was racing through the narrow and windy streets of San Francisco. Along with him was a ragtag team of patrol officers and S.W.A.T. team members. Their destination was Market and Embarcadero. It was the location of the BART station, a regional railway system that went through most of the Bay Area. It was being used to evacuate as many citizens as possible of the city. Being they were dealing with a deadly infection and not a bomb threat or other disaster, it wasn't the smartest plan in the world. But then again, his department wasn't the smartest in the world either. If those creatures managed to figure out the rail system lead to other parts of the city and even off the island, he and everybody else would have a whole new set of problems.

That dread alone made him step on the gas even harder. On the way to his destination, Trevor could see the devastation as he was driving along the now abandoned streets of San Fran. The infected were swarming people's homes and cars like a plague of locusts, consuming everything in their paths. Those who were not totally consumed, joined the ranks of their new brethren only to continue the same murderous path. It was the homeless that seemed to take the biggest losses. They were already out in the open and vulnerable, many were dragged to the back alley and feasted upon. Others were killed in the very places they were sleeping; either too shocked drunk or high on something to do anything to stop them. Trevor hoped they died painlessly that way. He wanted to stop and help them. for once in a long time, he started caring about others, his childhood had left him desensitized to dysfunctional situations, and his years as a cop and only intensified it. For some reason this event had pulled him out of it. But he knew he couldn't stop until they had reached the BART station. That was the mission, and he would see it through.

He was on the radio in the van and was asking for back up from available units. They were all busy with people and infected. Everyone was trying to leave the city despite the ordinance to stay indoors unless you didn't live in the City. The San Mateo, Golden Gate and Bay Bridge were starting to get backed up. From citizens trying to leave the city. Trevor drove up to the scene and seen what looked like a reenactment of Little Bighorn. Bodies were scattered in each direction, cop, and civilian and infected. From the bloodbath that had occurred earlier, it was hard to tell which one was which. Time seemed to slow down for the time being, as he was trying to process what had happened. He snapped out of it when he had heard some motion from the station down below. He had four members from his squad secure the perimeter, and took the rest down the stairs to see the commotion.

The train station was deathly silent; normally it was noisy with the hustle and bustle with workers, commuters trying to get home and students just wanting to get around for the day. Today it was the opposite. Their was blood smeared by hands over the walls and bullet holes all over. They found a body here and there but nothing like what was going above ground. Trevor and his teammates seen the train just sitting there, it seemed to be intact. He readied his firearm as did his teammates. They slowly entered the train, ever careful to watch out for an ambush or anything else. The lights were flickering which only intensified the fear in each of them.

Trevor heard some moaning in the front car, he motioned the others to stay outside in case there was something bad going on. He went inside and looked around, it seemed a lot of the windows were shot out and blood was found on the windows. It was obvious there was a shootout here shortly before he had arrived. He heard the same moan again and turned around only to find a man in uniform. It was a S.W.A.T. captain. And he was alive, barely. His body was bleeding from his chest and arms. Most of his face had blood smeared on it. "What happened here?" Trevor asked.

"It was FUBAR from the start." The man replied. "We were suppose to help people use the BART to get out of the city. We did our best to screen the people, but there were too many in order to properly screen them all. At first it went ok, people were secured and taken to Oakland across the tunnel. There was a small National Guard unit there that was to take it from there. The first couple of trains made I without a hitch. But this last one, some people were infected and it took over just as the train was taking off. They began attacking civilians, and we tried to put them down using small arm fire. But with the civilians in the way, it was impossible to keep them out of the way. We had rookies on board and they began to fire in each direction in the panic." Trevor tried to take it all in.

The man was coughing out more blood but continued. “Infected and innocent civilians were killed in the process. The stray shot had taken out a bunch of windows and those who weren't infected tried to jump out of the windows. They had forgotten about the third rail and it fried a lot of them. The infected caught on and enjoyed the feast. I heard about the mobilization back here and decided to come back. I was greeted by a horde of them. I took out as many as I could but they kept on coming. We weren't trained for this, even if we were, nobody was prepared. There's still time to stop them. They are headed towards Oakland. From there its wherever they want. You have to warn the Soldiers. They just know of a small evac, they don't know of the creatures. I don't have much time. leave me here with my men, I can't leave them. I'll attract the creatures here. They will come from the tunnels and streets and come to me. Make a small dent in the road."

Trevor could see the man had accepted his fate. He and his teammates had helped him outside of the train and sat him again the wall, alongside some fallen comrades. "Warn the outside, maybe we can stop this." The man said. "I will." Trevor replied. He called for the rest of the squad upstairs to come down. They all gave a nod as a show of respect for the man, and entered the train. And just like that, the train was off. The man loaded his shotgun and nine millimeter. His pulse was slowly dropping; he was afraid but relieved at the same time. He wiped some of the blood on his body and put it on a flare. He ignited it and threw it at the tunnel. He then took his gun and popped off two rounds, one was at the tunnel and another at the stairs. He hoped the noise would attract them, and bring them away from other people. The captain slowly dragged himself to the escalator and let it take him to the surface. The sun never looked so beautiful. And the City never seemed so graceful. He was also very proud of his men who had made the ultimate sacrifice. They had fulfilled their oaths to protect and serve. He could hear the furious footsteps of the infected scurrying to find the man who dare define their new order.

He was ready to see his family again that had been taken from him two years earlier. He could already hear them calling him home. He could see his savior calling out to him and saying, “ Today you shall be with me in paradise."
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Re: No Man's Land

Postby mzh » Tue Sep 29, 2009 3:21 pm

the editing was a bit choppy but this is the link to the conclusion of the story. forgive the crappiness. the sequel is much better. lol. theres alot of pages.

http://morningstarsaga.websitetoolbox.c ... 4&trail=25
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