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Belly of the Beast

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Belly of the Beast

Postby mzh » Thu Jul 16, 2009 3:09 pm

this came to me when i was day dreaming. Its Dawn of the Dead meets the lost world. I think i need to put the captain crunch away.

August 5th, Year ( does it really matter?)

They called it many things when it hit mankind; a Plague, a Virus, God's curse, experiment gone wrong. It doesn't really what the media or the man on the street called it. The same result always happened. You get bit, you turn into one of them and the process repeats itself. The world no longer belong to us, the United States government went underground, and set up 'protection' camps in the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada's. The British Isles have been seventy five percent cleared. It remains one of the safest points on the globe.
Good luck trying to get there, the Royal Navy and Air Force have it under lock and key. China has been totally overrun, along with Russia and India. Nobody even sails by the Asian mainland for fear of being robbed or enlisted in the United Asia Army, or whats left of it. The United States government have sent various teams across the country and the world to find hospitable safe zones to start new settlements. The mentality was, even though the country is lost the spirit of America can never be extinguished.

I think its a bunch of crap, the four horsemen have come and gone, and left the survivors to fight for scraps. But its a job and it's like I have nothing better to do. I think of it as a modern day Noahs ark. I am embarking on my quest along with some of the greatest men and women I've ever known. Their was Sanchez. Sanchez's real name is Ken Tsao, but he was made an honorary Mexican by Captain Gomez, a close friend of Tsao, I mean Sanchez. Sanchez was in charge of maps and communications. He was with the Navy. Along with the Navy was Jeffery Nash, Nash was from a highly decorated team and claimed to have held off a horde of flesh eating reapers. The other people I'll get to later. But I'll introduce myself, I'm Lance Corporal Martian Sullens, Semper fi! the only Native American mofo left on this godforsaken boat.

We left San Francisco Harbor in an amphibious assault vehicle. That was a nightmare in itself. The City was crawling with reapers, crazies that were once human beings, all they do is wander around in search of their next meal. Since the bridges were blown out over two years ago to prevent a spread of infection, we had to take a helicopter to the harbor. Unfortunately, the helicopter makes alot of noise which attracts 'them' by the hundreds. I had to empty half a magazine before even touching the ground, Thank God there was a mini gun to give support. Their brains and guts were splattered against gift shops and clam chowder stands long since abandoned. By the time our LCV took off there was five hundred coming out from the tourist district. Shambling towards the harbor.
They even fell in the water to try and get to our team. It would have been very funny if most of the team wasn't pissing their pants at the sight of it. Some people criticize the military for failing to contain it, I mean they are slow and mindless. They cant even duck for cover or shoot back.

Most people don't realize they are just as much to blame. They couldn't even believe it was happening, thought it was just some kind of outbreak like SARS or Mouth and Foot disease, or is it Foot and Mouth disease? They sure believed when they dead were breaking down their doors and gnawing on their brains. Our vehicle made it to a Medium Endurance Class Cutter. It is a Coast Guard vessel and has alot of gadgets and gizmos to it. Being a jar head my options were limited, I either follow orders, get abandoned by my squad or get shot outright. I choose to stay in the Corp instead of desert. In fact most people decided to stay in uniform and fight.
As bad and crazy being out at sea is, its better than being stuck on recon patrol or guard duty in Colorado.

I've heard of soldiers bitten by roamers in the forests or ones with no legs crawling around and digging their teeth into BDU's. I've also heard of Outposts being wiped out from the inside because some private let an infected person come in without following procedure. Even when things go right, it's still boring and down right depressing. Thats why I chose being on the high seas, I secretly always had a thirst for adventure and at least the roamers can't swim... Can they?

August 23rd,

Some pirates thought thought they could pull a 'Jack Sparrow' and get abroad our ship. I spotted them and sounded the alarm. Nash and some guy from what was left of the 2nd Rangers squashed their attempts Nash wanted to board their ships and put a few round in their heads and leave with their supplies. Captain Gomez denied the request. " We are not animals Nash, Lest we become raiders ourselves." He calmly but sternly said. After that Captain Gomez rewarded me with a candy bar and some comics. It felt sort of childish but these days, you didn't pass up luxuries. I talked to Sanchez earlier. He was very distraught.

I tried to ask whats the matter, he shrugged me of at first, then after a few moments and apologized. He revealed to me, that although we were now in the South Pacific, our coordinates didn't match up and our GPS wasn't functioning as well. I asked that maybe the Satellites went down. He told me it would be years before that happened. The people that designed it made back up plans. There had to be something else. But what. I was ordered to keep it to myself. Such talk could spread rumors, and rumors could spread to drastic actions.

August 26th

One of the cooks was white as a ghost. When questioned by Captain Gomez and the ships Doctor/ semi dentist and shrink Lois Greene. He told us about something in the water he seen while dumping out waste. " It was big, and had a long neck and a big hump in the water. It went straight under the ship, I swear." The Captain just looked at him. "Have you been drinking son?"
" No Captain." The cook replied I sobered up before the trip, didn't want to bring bad habits along. "Very well." Captain Gomez said. " Carry on, you have done a great job feeding the crew. But it would be wise to put these sea monster stories to rest." The cook just shook his head in compliance. " I'm not crazy you know." The cook said to me later that night as we were playing cards. I know man, trust me. I said to him. Maybe it was your imagination or a shark or something. Things like that havent been seen in millions of years, at least not outside of the Sci-Fi channel. " I know what I seen, I went under the psych exam, I know delusions can take place on sea, but this isn't one of those." He said. I quickly tried to change the subject to sports. There hadn't been a major sports event since the fall of mankind, but it was a much needed change of pace.

August 29th.

I seen it, the most beautiful thing ever. Land. It was a beautiful island with big mountains and hills and all sorts of wonder. It was very green and lush. This is how Christopher Columbus's men must of felt in 1492, being on a hopeless voyage and finally seeing land. Who knows maybe we just re discovered Oregon I thought to myself. I got on the radio and transmitted the news straight to the Captain first. We had found many Islands before and even floating cities, most of them where overrun by the dead or by themselves. Everytime, we left and Island empty handed, we left a little hope behind as well. I still couldn't stop thinking about the cooks story. A large creature swimming in the water, had to have been a whale or something, maybe even a croc. But the cook stuck to his story, it never changed, the creature didn't get bigger every time he told it or even change form. Maybe it has something to do with the Island that just seemed to come out of nowhere. Oh well, these things i'll dwell on later. It's chow time.
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