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Into the Darkness

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Into the Darkness

Postby mzh » Tue Sep 15, 2009 1:07 am

otham City, October 29th.

Young Bruce Wayne had barley stepped out of the shower, when he had seem a bright light fill the dark sky in Gotham. It was the Bat Signal, it was a beeper the newly appointed Commissioner Gordon used to call in the Batman. "Alfred." He said, "Leave dinner in the oven tonight and keep the night light on." " Of course sir." Alfred Replied. "And it was a lovely pot roast." Alfred thought to himself. Alfred was Bruce's butler and caretaker since young Bruce was only a child. He had seen Master Wayne transformation's from Billionaire playboy to 'The Dark Knight.' Yet to Alfred, he was still that little boy haunted by his parents death. Going out every night to make up for that night. Even though it wasn't his fault and there was anything he could have done.
Alfred was one of the few people to know Bruce's alter ego, but was becoming convinced that it was becoming the real part of him and that 'Bruce Wayne' was the facade. He also feared tonight would bring more tragic events.

Batman was going from rooftop to rooftop searching for an abandoned building that was having sighting mysterious figures. It was most likely nothing, just kids or a vagrant looking for a place to stay. But Batman was determined to leave no rock unturned. There has been several disappearances and brutal murders in Gotham City. It wasn't usual being the decaying urban plaza it had become. But, it was difference in the manner of the killings and the way the bodies were found. Some hung off a roof others pierced against a wall. The killer wasn't leaving any clues and nobody was taking credit for the slaying. Even those in the streets were becoming afraid. whispers of the 'Bogeyman' were echoing throughout the slums and streets of Gotham. Batman wasn't impressed though. Criminals were a superstitious and cowardly lot, he would find a motive and eventually the killer as well. It was just a matter of time

Julie Myers had awakened from a drug induced slumber. He was drowsy and her vision was slowly coming back to her. She couldn't see much except for the dimly lit candles surrounding her in circle. She could also see moonlight coming in from the cracks in the roof and the broken windows. It was creating eerie shadows in the background. She could hear multiple footsteps coming up the stairs, afraid of the scenario, she decided to play possum and eavesdrop while she still had the advantage. " Why have you brought us to this city Zachariah" " These things you don't need to concern yourself with." The mysterious man said. " I have left little breadcrumbs and He is coming." " He?" the younger man asked. " Yes the bogeyman, he will purge this city as the master has commanded." " And whats with the girl?" the man asked. " the girl is insurance that will will show up. We will then capture him and the master shall use his powers to make things right again."

Julie had heard the men speaking, she was sure who they were or who 'The Master' was. But she did know who the bogeyman was. He had come for her when she was just a little girl. If it wasn't for the efforts of Dr. Sam Loomis and his .44 magnum, The evil one would have killed her and her entire family. She had been in witness protection ever since. It seemed even that wouldn't keep him away now. These people were using her as bait. She wasn't the only one listening to the conversation. Batman was outside listening as well. Trying to figure out as well what was going on. There was three men on the roof and three inside the building. But what he didn't see was the 'seventh' figure in the shadows. Watching them as well and waiting to strike. He was quiet and patient like a serpent in the

Batman decided he would have to move fast before the killer showed up as well and people started dying. He popped in smoke and flash bang grenades in the windows in order to confuse and disable the enemy. The explosions startled the younger men but not Zachariah, he was told about the Protector of Gotham from his Master and told to expect him. He pulled out a his sub-machine gun and began firing at each of the windows. Batman had hoped thats what they would focus on so he could come down from above. He switched to night vision under his cowl. and watched the spectacle. Then made his move. The three men on top of the roof heard the shootings and began to head inside. The third man was told to stay on top and guard the roof. The man flipped his safety off and had his firearm ready. He was looking around the roof for anything suspicious. When he turned over his shoulder. There was a Huge shape in front of him wearing a mask. It didnt make a sound it just started at him. Before the man could reach for his weapon the Shape grabbed the man and put a knife threw the his throat. The man was in shock and tried to call out for help but only could make gargled noise. The shape took the mans body and threw it off the rooftop inside the building. The man's body hit the floor and blood came out of his head. The men seen this and were afraid. "The Batman don't kill, i thought." one of the men said.

"He doesn't but our new guest does. switch to stun guns we want him alive." Zachariah said. Due to the commotion, nobody even seemed to notice Julie walking toward an exit, she made it half way till one of the men had grabbed her and began to use her as a shield. Suddenly a dark shadow from above came down from the beams above and tackle the man to the ground. Knocking him out with a hit to the back of the head. He seemed to move faster than a normal man , and his cape made him seem inhuman. It was frightening yet comforting that he was on her side, as least she hoped he was. The next thing heard was screaming. a man was yelling from pain as a knife was being impaled on lower thigh then his abdomen. Another had his neck snapped by a shape in the shadow, and Julie watched as his lifeless body hit the ground. The scene was calming down as the men were being killed by the Shape or taking down by the 'Bat'.

Soon the room was completely and and surrounded by Darkness. Julie felt her way around trying to find a wall or an exit. It felt something warm and sticky on the floor, it was a pool of blood. She then touched something cold and oddly shaped, it was a head, she kicked it away only to hear it roll down the room. She heads for the exit door once again, slowly starting to run. not looking back. Julie opened it only to be faced by the thing that has haunted her for years. Her own cousin, Michael Myers. Michael was an unnatural and unstoppable force, an embodiment of evil and fueled by unchecked rage. He just looked at her, there was nothing in his eyes, just blackness. It was like looking at a Great White Shark before a feeding frenzy. He started walking toward her slowly, breathing deeply and slowly. He didn't even quicken his pace or look around. To him, he had his prey where he wanted it and all the time in the world. He brought up his knife in the stab position. It shined brightly in the moonlight. And it was ripe with warm blood, it would only be a matter of seconds before her blood would be added to it and her life added to his list.

She said a little silent prayer to herself and then said 'please cousin' to her demented relative. It seemed to stop him for a bit. And he looked her with a different pair of eyes, like a child who comes across a wounded animal. Maybe he could be tamed, even for a little bit. Before either could do anything a shiny object came rushed threw Michael's hand and inside his neck. It was batarangs, Batman's preferred weapons of choice. He caused him to drop the knife and but brought back the rage again. Michael began to pull the weapons out of his neck and hand. And lunge toward Julie. Batman came from above once again and brought Michael down to the ground, putting all if his weight in his legs and elbows. It managed to buy Batman a little bit of time. He told Julie to run outside and not stop until she could see the cop cars outside. He couldn't let her be a liability. Michael got up and rushed Batman, but the caped crusader had already up in the air awaiting for the killer to come to him. Michael had never met an opponent than was as smart and swift as him. As least since Dr. Loomis. As Michael walked up the stairs, Batman could see him, and attacked. He glided from the upper part of the building and kicked Michael in the face. The blow was so great is caused him to fall from the stairs on too a catwalk fifteen feet below. Batman regained his footing as he landed on the platform. When he looked down on the floor below he looked for Michael, but to even his shock, the body wasn't there to be found. It was as if he vanished like a ghost. That might have explained how he endured the attack with the batarangs with out even flinching.

The Dark Knight went down to investigate, he tried to use reason and logic to explain how his opponent could endure such an attack and how he wasn't even afraid to take a room full of armed gun men. Maybe some kind of drug or serum, that causes immunity to pain. At least until the effect wears off. But the way he killed those people and now his vanishing act. Batman realized he was playing a dangerous game. He Jumped down to the catwalk where Myers fell. There was nothing to be found, not even a drop of blood. Batman felt a chill down his spine and seen the shape standing right behind him. Batman threw a punch-elbow in Myers face, the blow landing perfectly but didn't even phase him. Myers grabbed Batman and stabbed him in the shoulder, it was the batarang he used on Myers. Now it was being used for him. "How could I have been so stupid? How could he just sneak up on me without even making a sound?" The caped crusader thought to himself. Batman felt the pain threw out his body. He tried to fight it, but it couldn't keep it up and keep Michael away. Myers then picked Batman by the throat and began to strangle the dark knight and shake him violently. Batman could tell he was about to black out soon.

He reached for his utility belt and reached for his bear mace. He got and and sprayed Myers directly in the eyes. It was enough to make Myers release him from his grip. The Killer was covering his face and was madly slashing at the air, trying to get a hit on Batman. Batman grasped for air. The loss of blood was beginning to take a toll on him. He reached for a tranquillizer dart and fired if at Myers in the throat, the Mace was rapidly wearing off and Batman hoped the dart would take effect. Batman looked around and found a metal pipe, hoping it would hold out for a defense. Batman could have left the scenario at anytime, but wouldn't until he was sure the killer was put away from behind bars. Michael Myers inched closer and closer to Gotham's protector, waiting for an opportunity to strike. His hands gripped the pipe tighter and tighter with each step. He was two feet away before succumbing to the toxins in the dart. falling to the ground.

He could hear police sirens in the distance, Gordan's men would take it from here. But before he left, he cuffed Myers hands together and injected him with one more dart, Just to be safe. He could hear footsteps. Coming in from the distance, he reached for a batarang in case in was one of those men, it was Commissioner James Gordon and his squad taking over. "Time to go." Batman whispered to himself. He took out his grappling gun and fired it in the air. he gave it a tug to make sure it was secure and looked at the unconscious body below. Some how, he knew it wasn't over and it was going to be a long Halloween.

To Be Continued.....
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