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SIn and salvation

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SIn and salvation

Postby mzh » Tue Sep 15, 2009 1:10 am

on over the people. And how could the heroes take back their rightful place. And what if a batman had to be a superman like symbol.

Part 1: The man in the Mirror

A young man in his late twenties walks to a high tech radio set in a make shift bunker. He narrates.

“Today is the fifth anniversary of V E day. The Victory of Earth, they called it. Five years ago, a scout ship for an complex alien race called the Phalanx, they went by a name that could never be properly translated by human standards so the name Phalanx was chosen. It was an ambassador fleet that was drawn to Earths high energy levels. Those energy levels came from the ‘supers’, Metahumans with gifts beyond that of any normal being on the planet. The ambassadors represented a vast Empire from a distant star system. They came with one purpose, conscription The super powered were given an ultimatum, join the Phalanx or watch the planet become another colony and face enslavement.

The metas both good and not so well intentioned made a stand and beat back the alien threat. The Sentinel, our greatest champion took the last remaining ship encrypted with a virus made by his arch adversary Lord Caleb Morliun and drove it back to the Phalanx capital world, The Virus infiltrated the home world and crippled the Phalanx Empire, little did Sentinel know the virus was meant to kill him as well. Back on Earth, it was a wasteland, Cities were in ruins, millions were killed and governments were in shambles. The people began to blame heroes for the War, they blamed us for failing to bring a clean victory, they even blamed us for bringing the Alien threat to Earth. The people claimed it was our powers that brought them here. In one fell swoop the people turned against the ones who protected them time after time. The Villains used this new found dissension and turned it in their favor. All of the heavy hitters turned themselves in to the authorities and to avoid prosecution pulled all of their resources and contacts together for reconstruction.

With in a year and a half the World was back on track, in fact it was entering a new age of prosperity and advancement. The government and the people practically handed them the keys to the country, in public they turned down the offers and gave power back to the people, but in the shadows where darkness always blooms, they ran the show.

Crime was at an all time low, that was because most illicit activities were now sanctioned and taxed by the government. Prostitution, Low level narcotics and gambling were now permitted in every state. Instead of being in seedy truck stop or Vegas, they are advertised and legit as any other business. The activities are in clean, polished buildings. Nobody seemed to mind, as long as the people were allowed to continue life as before. The final hammer came down when a new act was passed, banning metahuman and vigilante dealings. It is a minimum three years for anyone taking up a cape or a mask and fighting crime on the streets, and those ’heroes’ would be sent to high security prisons to mingle with the animals they locked up.

I've watched the world burn to the ground and rise from the ashes in less than a decade. I tried to continue the struggle for as long as I could financing small wars on crime and the New World Order, but as I am no longer a crime fighting soldier, and I have seen too many people either killed or locked away. The cowl calls my name every night, I sometimes put on the suit at night and look in the mirror and all I see it shame. We heroes see each other from time to time, either on the street or at places of business, trying to maintain normal lives. We all have that fire in our eyes, I do most of all. Today was the final straw, I watched a young kid fight off three would be rapist in Tenderloin, only to be hauled away by Lord Caleb’s Gestapo and put in Alcatraz.

It is time for me to make a stand once again, that used to be Sentinels duty to stand up for what is right no matter what the cost, I was always the man in black, fighting in the shadows. It seems I have to take up that mantle even though I don’t know how. The best I can do now is lead by example. I am NightWatch and if anyone underground is listening, our time is now, If you wish to join me on my fools errand, I will be at the Golden Highway tonight at eleven, Godspeed soldiers.

The man in the shadows left the radio transmitter. he cut off the feed before watchers could trace the radio wave. He went to the other side of the underground bunker. He had to rebuild it after the Phalanx War. His name was James Suarez, he tan skin and dark hair from his Aztec roots, but the bluest eyes from his Anglo-Saxon heritage. Suarez was an independent radio show host, martial arts instructor and midnight vigilante. Well tonight he would be called a vigilante, a few years ago he was one of the worlds greatest crime-fighters, if not heroes. He never considered himself a hero, but rather a soldier, against the unseen evils in the shadows Back in the silver age. He was a second generation hero. Trained and refined through the aid of his predecessor, The Cloak. But that now seems like ages ago, and is a tale best left for another time. "Time to do something very not smart." James said to himself.

Behind a bullet/fireproof glass case, contained four battle dress suits. Each had a different purpose.

One was his main costume. A black and dark blue suit made of lightweight Kevlar fibers, complete with combat boots, a utility belt and wrist band that contained stun darts and emergency grappling hook. The second was a lightweight suit designed for quick get aways or sneak attacks, it had a makeshift glider attached to the back, which took many years and broken bones to perfect. The third suit was for covert operations, such as overseas missions or escaping and hiding in urban environments, it was an overcoat that could adjust colors to blend in with crowds of people and could hide many small gadgets. The fourth suit was The Cloaks original costume.

It was a very simple design, a black hood with a greyish mainframe, it held small flat pieces of metal to defend against knives and small arms fire. The suit reminded him to stick close to who he was and it didn' take super powers to change the world, just determination along with faith. James grabbed his suit, which felt like a lifetime since he donned. It had many wonderful, teriffying and life changing memories in it. He put on the boots along with the cape and suit, the last part was the mask. The mask he always put on last, it was symbolic, he was leaving his world, and entering a new one. When the mask went on, James Suarez and his mortal struggles and dilemma's were put on hold. He was now NightWatch.

NightWatch stoods under the Golden Highway. Which was code for the Golden Gate bridge. The entry way into San Francisco. he had a small look out point built there a few years back, due to the dust in the air, and the rust from the sea. It hadn't ben well maintained. The dark avenger began working on the escape plan. He worked it out and planned a one man task force. He didn't expect anyone to assist him. Many went underground and those who stayed carried on the fight, felt he was washed up and a sell out. He heard a knock out the door. It was Stryker. Stryker was a vigilante much like NightWatch. Strykers civilian name was William Cole, a former Marine and police reservist. He was an expert in hand to hand combat and counter offensives. He would be valuable in the War of Heroes.

Stryker: "So, am I late to the party?" He said with a chuckle.

NW: " No. Your the only one."

Stryker: " What, your telling me your charming personality and warming speech didn't boost recruitment? We gotta work on your P.R."

NW: " So it seems. I'm still not very popular, especially after my reputation of funding counter-crimefighting, instead of leading it."

Stryker: " Well, I always liked ya."

NW: " Thats because I provided you with an small arsenal to keep your town clean, and a dojo to train others."

Stryker: " You could say that. But I always respected your methods. You were always an inspiration those our 'kind'.

NW: " 'our kind??"

Stryker: " Non-metas. Those without powers, the average joe just trying to make a difference, in a world full of speed runners and earth shakers."

NW: " Powers and gadgets never made one a hero, it was the meausre of their heart and drive. Never forget that. I am not a hero, just a soldier."

Stryker: " You have to forgive yourself, It wasn't your fault, the War,the death of the Sentinal, or the Baddies calling the shots."

NW: " I wish I could believe that."

Stryker: " Well, your making an effort by coming out of retirement."

NW: " Time will tell."

Stryker walking around the small base. Touching things and blowing the dust on old boxes. A voice came from outside the base.

P: " Hey, you guys not going to play in your reindeer games?? let me in."

Both Stryker and NW: " Plunger Boy?"

CP: " Actually it's the Crimson Plunge now fellas."

Neither hero had seen Roy Clark aka Plunger boy..err.. The Crimson Plunge since their early days of crimefighting. He was also snickered at and seen as a gimmick more than anything. Yet for some reason, he never let the teasing break his spirit. He wasn't exactly the help they called out for, but it being so late in the game, any aid would do.

NW: " Its.. uhh , good to see you Crimson. Im curious, what can you do these days."

CP: " I got Plunger baton, Plunger grappling hooks, even plunger arrows and suction for climbing. Trust me, these babies have saved me more times then i care to think about."

Stryker: " Umm guys I hate to break up the small talk but maybe you should see this."

Strykers froze still, his eyes locked on the bluish figure hovering outside the base.

CP: "Is that-"

NW: " Yes the Blue-Specter."

BS: " So are you all going to stand other or is someone going to offer me a drink."
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Re: SIn and salvation

Postby mzh » Tue Sep 15, 2009 1:11 am

its a work in progress
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