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Postby wa5 » Sat Mar 10, 2012 9:12 am

In Allenstown NH, Lots to tell.

Big day....
Where to start? forgive me if this is a little out of sequence and not particularly elequent.. I am probably still in shock...

I killed a man today.. He wasnt dead... but he wasnt really a man....

I was parked under a tree, on the outskirts of Deerfield (looked like it would have been a nice little town.. not anymore, there were some dead slowly milling around), having some lunch, just some crackers with cheese, and a soda. and studying a road atlas I liberated from a gas station that morning (I have an idea about where I want to go... more on that later if I remember ... all I will say for now is.. WarGames... ).

I guess the guy in the van didnt see me (I have been staying in the car as much as possible, as I dont have to be so careful about the walking dead).. I certainly didnt make my presence known to him.. since the incident in Oqunquit, I have been a little reluctant to go running up to strangers..

The van drove slowly past me, stopped about 100 yards down the road, just short of a small group of dead (around ten of them). The driver then accelerated into the group, It was like shooting fish in a barrel, they didnt run, just the opposite, the ones he missed were quite obliging, they came at the van as he reversed into them.. He finished off all of them, except one.. a small child.. a little boy, no older than 7 or 8, he was careful to avoid that one.

The driver (a man, perhaps in his 50s, it was a little difficult to tell, he was very dirty... ( theres a prophetic statement).....). grabbed the child, and used some kind of tape to secure it's hands and mouth, he roughly threw the kid into the back of the van.. I couldnt think of a sane reason to do that.... I started to get a very bad feeling...

He pulled the van behind a gas station about quarter of a mile up the road, His location was out of my sight, but with no other sounds it was easy to hear the driver shut off his motor..

I crept up to the gas station and peeked around the corner of the building, and my heart sank, I saw the van, and it was rocking......

I checked my weapon, the six shooter. and crept up to the van.. I stayed below the window line of the old Ford, though I was pretty sure the "man" in van would not be looking out the window..

I looked into the window on the rear door, I really don't know if I had planned to shoot the piece of garbage that I saw in the back... but when I witnessed what he was doing to that poor pethetic wreck of a child.......

I'm not sure if he started to turn towards me as the first bullet entered the back of his skull, perhaps he caught sight of my shadow... if he did begin to turn toward me, it was the last thing that stinking monster ever did in this world. another five bullets followed the first.

Of all the people who could have survived, why did it have to be someone like that? I stood and pondered that for quite a while, and was shocked from my reverie by the sound of crunching gravel.

My gunshots had attracted some unwanted attention, uncaring of my attempt to save one of thier own, the dead were heading straight for me... getting just a little too close, I didnt want to leave that poor child in that position (dead or not, that just wasnt right), but I had to go..

A fast jog back to my Samuri was sufficient to outpace the walkers, once I was safely inside, I reloaded my sixshooter, and re holstered it (the shotgun is on the passengers seat/ floor and the 45 is in the door pocket beside my left leg).

I really didnt want to leave the child like that... fortunately the walkers had followed me, when I left the van, so I had a little time to do what I needed to do...

I decided the best I could do for the child was to cremate him, I grabbed my spare gas can from the rear of the vehicle and drove back to the gas station...

I covered the van in Gas, but my plan almost failed, as I dont smoke, and had no way of starting a fire in a hurry.. and company was approaching fast.

I retreated to my car, as the shamblers arrived. I was just about to climb into the rear of the vehicle, to retrieve my camping stove (which has auto ignite) when I remembered the dashboard lighter.. I tore a page from the road atlas and lit it, and threw it from my window. it didnt work..

The second time however, it did, the van went up with an almighty "WOOOOOMPH", thick black smoke was soon pouring from it. The walkers seemed attracted to the flames, and kept walking into the fiercely burning fire until they fell charred and hopefully properly dead.

As I drove away, more dead were approaching, drawn by the bangs and pops that the burning van gave out in its' death throws.

I mentioned my travel plans earlier, they involve Cheyenne Mountain in Colarado... it came to me this morning, kept on thinking of Mathew Broderick for some reason... then it hit me, NORAD has its' HQ in the mountain... in the movie (WarGames) it had big blast doors (also saw some show with that guy from 90210 where it freatured)... I am only guessing it would be germ proof as well as bomb proof... jsut a guess I know, but Its as good a place as anywhere, There could be survivors there.. maybe.

I have some plans to make, if I am to travel halfway accross the country... but not tonight, I said I wasnt going to drink anymore...Given the days events, you will have to forgive me for breaking that particular oath.

Funny how some 30 year old movie can influence your thinking..... unsuprisingly, I can/t get that little boy out of my head.... what is disturbing, is that when I think of him, his name is Joshua.
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Re: Add a Paragraph

Postby wa5 » Mon Mar 19, 2012 4:36 am

Woke up with only a slight headache, Dont think I'll venture outside til a little later..

If I am to travel to Cheyenne Mountain, I will need a few things.

A CB radio springs to mind, or perhaps a scanner, so I can hear others communicating .. (might save my neck..).. more as I think of it..
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Re: Add a Paragraph

Postby wa5 » Fri Apr 06, 2012 8:52 am

Finished making my list.. undoubtedly I will have forgotten a few things...

If I am to travel a few thousand miles, I shall have to replace my trusty Suzy with something a little larger..

"My" Samuri has been super reliable, I have become fond of it. In some ways it is my oldest friend. But it is a very small car, and I have been spending a lot of time inside, I would like something with enough room to comfortably sleep in, just in case...

I dont think I mentioned that I made it to Springfield yesterday... I was a little out of it, can you blame me, dear diary?

I have checked the phone book, there is a Chevy dealer in town.. Balise Chevorlet, I will try there first for a big 4x4... wish I could google it and get an idea of what I am walking into...

Found a listing for a camping store that isnt too far from the Chevy dealer..

I will leave anything of worth here, at my headquarters before getting the new car.. Off I go dear diary, wish me luck.
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Re: Add a Paragraph

Postby wa5 » Sat Apr 07, 2012 6:00 am

Just a reminder, this story is open to anybody who wants to contribute. if you want to add to it.. feel free.
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Re: Add a Paragraph

Postby wa5 » Sat May 05, 2012 9:14 am

Well, that didn't go well.

No new car, no camping gear, and almost no me.

The Chev dealer appeared deserted, thier position fronting a major raised road, and backing onto a water way seemed ideal. No residences close, just more commercial properties...

I parked the Suzuki in the lot and began searching for a suitable steed.

A jet black Suburban (FBI spec) caught my eye, only three years old with a fairly substantial nudge bar on the front... stock number BC19047.. just had to find the key and I could "drive away.. no more to pay".

The side door to the used car showroom / office gave way at my third shoulder charge.. The alarm didnt sound until I tried to prize open the Key locker. The screamer inside the office was almost unbearable, but the alarm on the outside of the building was the big problem..

I should have cut and run as soon as the alarm sounded, but I really wanted that car. It took only a minute or so to locate the key.

By the time I exited the building there were about 25 of them around it, and plenty more coming from the rear of the property (perhaps they were drawn to the waterway?). I made a snap decision to run. As I barged through them, a huge man, he put me in mind of the incredible Hulk... sadly even his skin color... caught hold of me.

He had a tight hold on my jacket, a few of his buddies grabbed on to me too, one skinny woman latched onto my hair. they started scratching me, I think the big guy was lining up to bite me..

I struggled out of the jacket and ran, dragging the emaciated womans corpse behind me... Another woman caught hold of my human ball and chain, which helped me break away from her.. at the cost of a patch of my hair.

Back to the faithful Samurai I sprinted, and got the hell out of Dodge....

I didnt stop til I returned to my billet, Once inside, I had time to check for major injuries. Luckily nothing worse than a few scratches, some bruises, and the aforementioned bald patch.

Taking no chances, I dis infected my wounds, and tried to think of another way to get what I needed, heading back into major towns had lost its' appeal.
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Re: Add a Paragraph

Postby wa5 » Fri Jul 05, 2013 9:26 am

After reflecting for a time, I decided that my list of "needs", was mostly a list of "wants"... I had been doing ok without the big car and fancy camping gear.

I scouted around the area I was staying in and found enough gas for the Suzukis' meagre needs... I was on the road before 10am...
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