Jericho might return as soon as November

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Jericho might return as soon as November

Postby quietearth » Fri Oct 05, 2007 12:29 am


Jericho Returning Sooner than Later?
The resurrected series could be back as soon as next month...or put off until 2008.
by IGN Staff

October 3, 2007 - Fans of Jericho might have their prayers (and peanuts) answered sooner than they may have thought. While at first it looked like the Skeet Ulrich post apocalyptic series would have to wait until mid-season, there's talk that it may happen as soon as next month. For that to be the case, however, a new show has to bite the dust. According to CBS's head of scheduling, all of the new shows are performing solidly and there is no clear candidate to give up its time slot.

"The best thing going for 'Jericho' is it's done and ready to go," Kahl told TV Week. "But it's too early to tell what time period is going to be available." Jericho rare 7 episode order has already wrapped production, and now the worry is to get back on the air before interest wanes. CBS is wary of letting Jericho fade even more from viewer's memories, especially given the steep ratings drops that serialized shows such as Heroes experienced after taking breaks last season.

"There's definite concern [about viewer interest waning], which is why we hope to get on the air as soon as possible," said the show's executive producer Carol Barbee. The show's original time slot, Wednesday at 8pm, is currently occupied by the controversial but solid-performing Kid Nation. CBS's other new shows include Moonlight which airs on Friday nights, Cane, in a 10pm slot on Tuesday and Viva Laughlin, which will premiere in a Thursday slot at 8pm. All are considered viable slots for Jericho.

As for the second season, Barbee told TV Week that the season premiere will open after the Jericho vs. New Bern war, but will include flashbacks to the battle. For the finale, Barbee has shot multiple endings this time to ensure fans are not left in cliffhanger lurch should CBS decide to cancel the show.

"We have a story broken so it tells a complete story," Barbee said. "By episode seven you are going to be very satisfied. We packed an entire 22-episode season into seven shows, there's a lot of mythology answered."
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