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Epic Post Apocalyptic Audio Drama Podcast

PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2012 4:09 pm
by finalrune
Hey folks,

Love this genre and happy to find this board. I'm finally releasing a post-apocalyptic audio podcast based on a premise I've had kicking around in my head ever since Bruce Willis kicked a comet's ass back in Armageddon - the apocalypse will be our own doing, no outside force of nature (or even a-bombs) required.

That's basically the situation that sets up my series, The Cleansed, where we posit an America about 15 years hence where oil has run out, food is rationed by the government, a wicked overseas war is draining our resources dry, and a group of self-made patriots is going to set off a crazy set of events.

The series is envisioned to be 3 seasons of audio podcasts, 8x30minute fully dramatized episodes per season meaning 30+ actors, Hollywood-level sound design, original music, artwork, the works. It's really coming out to be quite something. The first three episodes (prologue plus Eps 1 + 2) are available for your enjoyment... Free doses are coming out weekly or you can pay $1.99 for director's cut.

Love if some people could give it a listen! Try out 45 mins of what we have so far, and you'll either be hooked, or not :)

Thanks, and glad to be here,