CBS admits they might have made a mistake

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CBS admits they might have made a mistake

Postby quietearth » Fri Jul 20, 2007 1:21 pm

Nina Tassler, president of CBS Entertainment, admitted to reporters that the network may have contributed to Jericho's ratings decline by taking it off the air for a months-long hiatus in the middle of its first season. "In hindsight, maybe it wasn't good for the show," Tassler said in a news conference at the Television Critics Association's summer press tour in Beverly Hills, Calif., on July 18. "I think it may have had an impact, which is why we reconsidered and are putting the show on in midseason. We said, 'Look, maybe that did have an impact.'"

Jericho, about the survivors of a nuclear attack who struggle to survive in a small Kansas town, saw its ratings plumment after the hiatus, leading CBS at first to cancel the show. After a fan campaign of letters, e-mails and the shipment of tons of peanuts to the network, CBS announced it would bring the show back at midseason for a limited run of seven episodes.

Tassler said that she knew Jericho had struck a chord when she heard from strangers, including a clerk at a camera store and even her physician, who gave her a bag of peanuts during a checkup.

Tassler threw the show's future back at the fans. "We've really said to the fans, who have been incredibly loyal and incredibly devoted, 'You have got to be our "Jericho Rangers." You've got to recruit more viewers,'" she said. "And, so far, it looks like that's what we're going to do." Jericho returns midseason next year.

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