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NEWSULU - Samsung YP-30 MP3 Player on Linux

I have a Samsung Yepp YP-30SH 128M mp3 player which is almost 4 years old. This is usb but not a mass storage device. I couldn't find any programs which will access this, but the sulu program (link below) accesses similar players.

The source code is GPL'd and is freely available, it's based on the sulu source code so it should also work with any other players sulu supported.

WARNING: The first track must be put on by the windows software, the linux software will not work otherwise. I can't figure this out, so just put something small like a 10 second mp3. After that you can upload/delete tracks to your hearts content. newsulu will NOT allow you to delete the first track so you are safe from making a mistake.

Download Source: newsulu.tar.gz
Download Ubuntu dapper package: newsulu_0.18b-0ubuntu1_i386.deb

USB Snoop available on sourceforge.
The protocol specs for these Yepp players (some models) is at
The original homepage with the sulu source code is located here.
And other information on mobile devices like other Samsung Mp3 players at