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Post Apocalyptic movies (215)

12 Monkeys
Bruce Willis gets spit back and forth in time, with a surprise ending.
Rating: 9 | Director: Terry Gilliam | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

20 Years After (Like Moles, Like Rats)
Rating: 5. | Director: Jim Torres | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

2019 After the Fall of New York
This was a poor B movie and the one redeeming value was the sets. An Italian movie, all the dialogue was dubbed and sometimes confusing to the story line. The garb was a mixture of new wave, punk, and medieval knights (yes I said knights). Our protagonist is looking for the last fertile woman 20 years after a nuclear war.
Rating: 5 | Director: Sergo Martino | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

28 Days Later
This movie was great! Highly reccomended...
Rating: 9 | Director: Danny Boyle | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

28 Weeks Later
Rating: 7 | Director: Rowan Joffe | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

When 9 first comes to life, he finds himself in a post-apocalyptic world where all humans are gone, and it is only by chance that he discovers a small community of others like him taking refuge from fearsome machines that roam the earth intent on their extinction.
Rating: ? | Director: Shane Acker | IMDB | Trailer

A Boy and his Dog
Based on a novella by Harlan Ellison. Stars Don Johnson (no he doesn't suck in this movie) as a scavenger with a dog whos got some strange telepathy thing going on. The first part is slow, but oh boy wait till they go underground where all the people dress like clowns!
Rating: 8 | Director: L.Q. Jones | IMDB | download | Trailer | Amazon

A time-travel experiment in which a robot probe is sent from the year 2073 to the year 1973 goes terribly wrong thrusting one of the project scientists, a man named Nicholas Sinclair into a plague ravaged alternate time-line whose war weary inhabitants are locked in a constant battle with killer robots which are automatically being sent there from Sinclair's lab. To escape this situation, Sinclair must find a similar time machine in this alternate world and prevent the disaster from ever happening.
Rating: 4 | Director: Phillip J. Roth | IMDB | Amazon

Aachi and Ssipak
In a future where energy is made from fecal matter, the government rewards defecation with "juicybars". Small-time hustlers try to get rich while fending off the mutated Diaper Gang.
Rating: ? | Director: Jo Beom-jin | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

After the Apocalypse
My first impression of this movie was that it reminded me of Luc Besson's "Le Dernier Combat": Another black and white silent film. The only information about the disaster we have is that it takes place after World War III. The movie is set in a broken down industrial district. We see five distinct survivors who seem to be aimlessly trying to recreate some semblance of normality. Of the five survivors only one is a woman. She spends the majority of the movie clutching a doll as if she wants a baby of her own. They don't communicate through spoken language, only grunts. The plot seemed very thin and directionless. Instead of delving into any action, the movie maintains a dark, desolate, plodding pace. I would call this an "arthouse" film, but there didn't seem to be any discernible theme or message, rather it simply portrayed 5 people trying to get by in this particular post apocalyptic vision of the future.
Rating: 4 | Director: Yasuaki Nakajima | Movie site | Trailer

Against the Dark
Steven Seagal in a world where a plague has broken out creating vampires and decimating humanity.
Rating: ? | Director: Richard Crudo | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Alien Apocalypse
Originally called "Human in Chains", this Josh Becker and Robert Tapert written work has an astronaut doctor Ivan Hood (Bruce Campbell) and his fellow astronaut Kelly (Renee O'Connor) returning from their mission in space, to find the world has been taken over by Aliens. Now Dr.Ivan Hood and Kelly must lead a revolution to free the human slaves from their Alien masters.
Rating: 4 | Director: Josh Becker | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Amazon Warrior
Amazon Warrior is about an Amazonian woman, Tara, aching to avenge the systematic massacre of her entire tribe by an army regiment. She's the only one left standing, the sole witness to the horrible crime against her people, so she needs to plan her attack carefully. Supporting herself as a mercenary, she dreams of vengeance, which appears to be just around the corner. But is her anger enough to fuel her mission?
Rating: ? | Director: Dennis Devine | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Ambassador's Day
Rating: 8 | Director: Dave Kellum | IMDB | Trailer

America 3000
In Colorado, 900 years after a nuclear war in the USA, the mankind is back to the stone ages. Amazons are ruling the tribes, the men are dumb, either kept as slaves and couplers or are living wild as animals. Only Korvis and a friend are intelligent enough to flee and found a tribe of their own. Will they manage to teach the women love to men again?
Rating: 4 | Director: David Engelbach | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Android Apocalypse
Rating: 6 | Director: Paul Ziller | IMDB | Amazon

Apocalypse and the Beauty Queen
Rating: 5 | Director: Thomas Smugala | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Rating: 6 | Director: James Felix McKenney | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

In less than twenty-four hours a vicious and virulent disease destroys virtually all of the population. The handful of people who find themselves immune to the disease band together in the basement of a community center until they fracture into three groups when the dead start to rise and walk the earth.
Rating: ? | Director: Steven Rumbelow | IMDB | Trailer

Battle Queen 2020
Haven't seen this yet.
Rating: ? | Director: Daniel D'Or | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Battlefield Earth
Rating: 6 | Director: Roger Christian | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Rating: 5 | Director: Graham Baker | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Black Moon
There is a war in the world between the men and the women. A young girl tries to escape this reality and comes to a hidden place where a strange unicorn lives with a family: Sister, Brother, many children and an old woman that never leaves her bed but stays in contact with the world through her radio. Since the content of this picture is not as important as the pictures and allegories, the simple plot can not be described further.
Rating: 6 | Director: Louis Malle | IMDB | Amazon

Bleak Future
The end is here. Civilization has collapsed. Technology has been forgotten, and History is Hearsay. Slangman is the smartest man in the known world. Together with the mute, spear-wielding Scotsman known as Atlatl and the beautiful yet dim actress, Femme, he must find The Source, a legendary oracle of ancient technology.
Rating: 5 | Director: Brian S. O'Malley | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Rating: 9 | Director: Fernando Meirelles | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Book of Eli
In a post-apocalyptic America where the once-picturesque countryside has become a desolate and violent wasteland, one man (Denzel Washington) fights to protect that sacred tome that could hold the key to the survival of the human race.
Rating: ? | Director: Hughes Brothers | IMDB | Trailer

Broken Sky
In post-apocalyptic America a ruthless and elusive warlord named Golhardt rises up to seize vast regions of land for himself and attempts to re-write history. Now the only hope for the remnants of society is Ben David, a lonely Zen warrior who is forced to put his peaceful ways aside to battle Golhardt.
Rating: ? | Director: Alex Ostroff | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Cafe Flesh
I haven't seen this and am waiting for a guest review, it's a porno so beware.
Rating: ? | Director: Stephen Sayadian | IMDB

No one is safe from the viral pandemic threatening to wipe out the human race. Determined to elude the deadly virus, four teenager speed across the Southwestern U.S. to reach a place of possible safety. Over the course of four days, the group is faced with moral decisions that no human should ever be forced to face. They discover that their greatest enemy is not the microbe attacking humanity, but the darkness within themselves.
Rating: ? | Director: Àlex Pastor and David Pastor | IMDB | Trailer

City Limits
A series of teenage gangs struggle against each other in a not-so-distant future. Eventually they united against an evil corporation, as represented by evil CEO Robby Benson who wants to control everything.
Rating: 2 | Director: Aaron Lipstadt | IMDB | Amazon

City of Ember
For generations, the people of the City of Ember have flourished in an amazing world of glittering lights. But Ember's once powerful generator is failing ... and the great lamps that illuminate the city are starting to flicker.
Rating: 8 | Director: Gil Kenan | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

City of Rott
A post apocalyptic zombie cartoon about an old guy with a walker looking for a pair of slippers.
Rating: ? | Director: Frank Sudol | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Cold Harvest
A comic book PA film found in the action section, this movie is all fighting and gaudy overacting. Based after a comet has struck earth and darkened the sky, the land is pretty lawless. Except for one cat who seems to be a mixture of Chuck Norris and Billy the kid. This movie is too much of a cheap kung-fu/western rip-off.
Rating: 2 | Director: Isaac Florentine | IMDB | Amazon

Crash and Burn
Unicom is a powerful organization overseeing most of the world after its economic collapse. They have banned computers and robots in an attempt to insure "life, liberty, and the pursuit of economic stability". When a Unicom Synth robot infiltrates a southwest TV station and kills the manager, a revolutionary against the gestapo-like corporation, a lowly Unicom delivery man must help the rest of the station survive through the incoming "thermal storm
Rating: 5 | Director: Charles Band | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

A group of survivors try to avoid the battles of World War III, when they try to escape to the quiet lands, they encounter something much more deadly.
Rating: ? | Director: David DeCoteau | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

The title might not be a really apt name for this movie, but it's a typical Jean-Claude Van Damme flick. Lot's of action but not much of a plot.
Rating: 5 | Director: Albert Pyun | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Damnation alley
The start was great but the followthrough wasn't so hot. VERY loosely based on the book.
Rating: 6 | Director: Jack Smight | IMDB | Amazon

Dawn of the dead (1978)
I have to give this a 10, this movie must of had a budget because you see it in the sets, and the fact that they used a alot of extras. This movie is a PA fantasy and just builds from the beginning. Get the uncut version. Highly reccomended.
Rating: 10 | Director: George A. Romero | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Dawn of the dead (2004)
Written by George Romero. Was I the only one who had high expectations for this flick? It was nothing like the original..
Rating: 7 | Director: Zack Snyder | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Day After Tomorrow
A climatologist tries to figure out a way to save the world from abrupt global warming. He must get to his young son in New York, which is being taken over by a new ice age.
Rating: 6. | Director: Roland Emmerich | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Day of the dead
The whole world's gone zombie, and all that's left is a few military personnel and some scientists in an underground bunker, but they don't get along too well.
Rating: 6 | Director: George A. Romero | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Day of the dead (2007)
When a small Colorado town is overrun by the flesh hungry dead a small group of survivors try to escape in a last ditch effort to stay alive.
Rating: 5 | Director: Steve Miner | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

In the year 2019, a plague has transformed most every human into vampires. Faced with a dwindling blood supply, the fractured dominant race plots their survival; meanwhile, a researcher works with a covert band of vamps on a way to save humankind.
Rating: ? | Director: Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig | IMDB | Trailer

Dead-End Drive In
In a post-apocalyptic future, drive-in theaters are turned into concentration camps for the undesirable and unemployed. The prisoners don't really care to escape because they are fed and they have a place to live which is, in most cases, probably better than the outside. Crabs and his girlfriend Carmen are put into the camp and all Crabs wants to do is escape.
Rating: 5 | Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Death Trance
An unknown time. An unknown place. Without reasons. With no future. His only desire is... Destruction!
Rating: 6 | Director: Yûji Shimomura | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Deathlands (TV 2003)
In 2084, a nuclear war wasted Earth, making the sky red of chemicals and the former United States of America becomes Deathlands. Breeds of mutants and half-mutants share what was left on Earth with humans.
Rating: 3 | Director: Joshua Butler | IMDB | Amazon

Futuristic Science Fiction about a sport to the death, using "destructocycles".
Rating: 3 | Director: Allan Arkush, Nicholas Niciphor, Roger Corman | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Def-Con 4
Another low budget PA film where the world gets nuked and people struggle for survival. At the beginning, military personnel on a top secret satellite watch over with nukes loaded and ready as war breaks out. They get brought down by someone on the ground and this is when the fun begins.
Rating: 6 | Director: Paul Donovan II & Tony Randel | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Just read the IMDB description. They play this one on IFC (that's the Independent Film Channel on cable) every now and then.
Rating: 7 | Director: Marc Caro & Jean-Pierre Jeunet | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Northern Ireland, the future. A major event, though we know not what nor when, has resulted in an almost total breakdown of society. The remaining survivors are left to scrape a daily existence from the land, wandering aimlessly through a desolate wasteland dotted with the occasional ruined building.
Rating: ? | Director: Factotum | IMDB | Trailer

Rating: 7. | Director: Neil Marshall | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

A furious, apocalyptic and darkly satirical action film, set somewhere in a nightmare America where both oil and water are in incredibly short supply.
Rating: ? | Director: Simone Bartesaghi & Neil Kinsella | IMDB | Trailer

Dragon Head
Rating: 7 | Director: Jôji Iida | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Dream Warrior
In an apocalyptic future, the wake of a lethal meteor strike, normal civilization has been reduced to ashes, with the people that remain left terrified by the existence of super-powered mutants.
Rating: 4 | Director: Zachary Weintraub | IMDB | Amazon

Endgame - Bronx Lotta FInale
Bot this movie isn't worth much typing, it was poorly backlight and the dialogue was hard to understand. Unless you are a fiend like me, don't bother.
Rating: 2 | Director: Joe D'Amato | IMDB | Amazon

Ever since the world ended
Rating: 8 | Director: Calum Grant & Joshua Atesh Litle | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Evil (To Kako)
An evil force is awakened in downtown Athens transforming the unsuspecting citizens into raving zombies. The few survivors will have to fight hard for their lives. To the death.
Rating: 5. | Director: Yorgos Noussias | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Three low budget tales of the undead, the last of which is PA and has battling gangs of vampire mods and rockabilly werewolves captured and experimented on by a fanatical madman.
Rating: 4 | Director: Brian Clement | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Exterminators of the Year 3000
Another mad max rip off, with lots of sand, and guess what? Water is the precious commodity. It has a cool Indiana Jones style scene. For a lazy Sunday..
Rating: 5 | Director: Giuliano Carnimeo | IMDB | Amazon

Fando & Lis
According to Yahoo, "this movie caused a riot upon its premiere at the 1968 Acapulco film festival". After 5 minutes, I was wondering when the good part would start. After 10 I was like when is this going to be over with. I don't know if this counts as post apocalyptic, but they talk of a "great catastrophe" and society sure seems like it. If you can withstand the nonstop artsy stuff and subtitles, you'll see why it caused a riot at the end.
Rating: 2 | Director: Alejandro Jodorowsky | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Fist of the North Star
Based on the Manga, a legendary warrior battles against the forces of evil in a post apocalyptic world.
Rating: 5 | Director: Tony Randel | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Released in 1951 and written/directed by Arch Oboler, Five is just another lackluster post apocalyptic movie. The basic premise is that a nuclear war wipes out everyone, but somehow everything seems to remain intact. The (you guessed it) "Five" remaining people lived through the nukes because of strange circumstances or possibly by being immune to radiation. This is also another "one dame left" flick. While not very imaginative, it's more realistic then most PA movies in the way it portrays despair.
Rating: 6 | Director: Arch Oboler | IMDB

Freedom Deep
Rating: 9 | Director: Aaron Stevenson | IMDB | Amazon

In 2010 three heroes battle to survive in a city which is being controlled by an evil gang.
Rating: ? | Director: Art Camacho | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Glen and Randa
A post nuclear tale of day to day survival revolving around our two main characters from the title. Comics are the staple for their journey, not to mention for use as toilet paper. Good imagery, and over all well done. This movie is rated X, good luck finding it.
Rating: 8 | Director: Jim McBride | IMDB | Amazon

Rating: 8 | Director: Masato Harada | IMDB | Amazon

A wandering soldier finds a robot head in the post-apocalyptic desert. He brings it back to his girlfriend for use in one of her sculptures. He investigates the origin of the head, and discovers it's from the Mark 13 project, canceled because of unreliability. His girlfriend, nay, society at large become endangered when the robot puts itself back together using the parts she has for her sculptures.
Rating: 6 | Director: Richard Stanley | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Hell Comes to Frogtown
In the radioactive wasteland of the future, Sam Hell is one of the last fertile men on the planet. A female organization intent on repopulating kidnaps Sam and sends him on a deadly mission to rescue...
Rating: | Director: Donald G. Jackson | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Human Animals (Animales racionales)
Haven't seen this yet.
Rating: ? | Director: Eligio Herrero | IMDB

A ragtag band of apocalypse survivors stumbles across a mysterious, deserted lab facility while fleeing through the desert. Before you can say, "No, don't go in there!" they discover the titular crossbred monster and become its prey.
Rating: 3 | Director: Fred Olen Ray | IMDB | Amazon

I am Legend
"Robert Neville (Will Smith) is a brilliant scientist, but even he could not contain the terrible virus that was unstoppable, incurable, and man-made. Somehow immune, Neville is now the last human survivor in what is left of New York City and maybe the world. For three years, Neville has faithfully sent out daily radio messages, desperate to find any other survivors who might be out there. But he is not alone. Mutant victims of the plague—The Infected—lurk in the shadows…watching Neville’s every move…waiting for him to make a fatal mistake. Perhaps mankind’s last, best hope, Neville is driven by only one remaining mission: to find a way to reverse the effects of the virus using his own immune blood. But he knows he is outnumbered…and quickly running out of time."
Rating: ? | Director: Francis Lawrence | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Idaho Transfer
Another "eco" movie, where a scientist has the young using a time machine to go into the devestated future for research and eventual repopulation. The acting is mediocre, but you'll never guess the end which is great, not to mention being open to many interpretations.
Rating: 7 | Director: Peter Fonda | IMDB | Amazon

In the year 2889
Haven't seen this yet.
Rating: ? | Director: Larry Buchanan | IMDB | Amazon

In the Year 2889
A group of post A-war survivors, gathered together in a valley, are menaced by cannibalistic human mutants with telepathic powers...
Rating: 3 | Director: Larry Buchanan | IMDB | Amazon

Haven't seen this yet.
Rating: ? | Director: Deran Sarafian | IMDB | Amazon

Haven't seen this yet.
Rating: ? | Director: Derek Jarman | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Kampfansage - The Last Apprentice
A german post apocalyptic martial arts movie, I am trying to get a copy of this!
Rating: ? | Director: Johannes Jaeger | IMDB | Trailer

Rating: ? | Director: Albert Pyun | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

La Jetee
An old french black and white film which was the basis for the plot of 12 monkeys (er they ripped it off). subtitled.
Rating: 10 | Director: Chris Marker | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Land of the dead
And Romero is finally back! I thought this was great, but they could have done a lot more with it. This is what happens when you get a budget. I hope he continues on with the series cuz I can think of about 10 movies right off the top of my head.
Rating: 8 | Director: George A. Romero | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Laughing Dead
A seeming drug addict wakes up in a post-nuclear war future. He stumbles around trying to figure out what happened. All survivors sit in their homes watching television and using drugs while mutant zombies, government clean-up officials, and giant pigs roam the streets.
Rating: 7 | Director: Patrick Gleason | IMDB | Amazon

Le Dernier Combat
Rating: 9 | Director: Luc Besson | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Le Dernier Homme
An speleologist, his wife and a friend seem to be the only survivors on earth when they regain surface after an underground exploration. I haven't been able to find a copy of this movie, if you know where I can get one please let me know!
Rating: ? | Director: Charles L. Bitsch | IMDB

Left Behind series
I think there is 4 of these babies now, the acting ain't so great but they are pretty good, based on the rapture, and I think indicative of the constant war going on between good & evil.
Rating: 7 | Director: Vic Sarin | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Letters from a dead man (Pisma myortvogo cheloveka)
Rating: ? | Director: Konstantin Lopushansky | IMDB | Trailer

Logan's Run
Got that 70's look and feel like Buck Rogers. People live in a domed controlled society where euthanasia is mandatory at the age of 30 and have no idea what is outside their little world.
Rating: 9 | Director: Michael Anderson | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Lost City Raiders
Rating: 5. | Director: Jean de Segonzac | IMDB | Trailer

Lost: Black Earth
Rating: 6 | Director: James Cole | IMDB | Trailer

Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome
Mad Max becomes a pawn in a decadent oasis of technological society, and when exiled, becomes the deliverer of a colony of children.
Rating: 8 | | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Masters of Horror: Dance of the dead
Haven't seen this yet.
Rating: ? | Director: Tobe Hooper | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Memoirs of a Survivor
Haven't seen this yet.
Rating: ? | Director: David Gladwell | IMDB | Amazon

Infinisynth, where reality is whatever you want it to be. Everyone lives underground, constantly plugged into a VR system. No spoiler, it's just the beginning...
Rating: 8 | Director: Steve Barnett | IMDB | Amazon

In a world devastated by a pandemic virus that turns human beings into primitive and bloodthirsty creatures, Marco and Sonia set off to find a secret base to escape from the mutants.
Rating: ? | Director: David Morley | IMDB | Trailer

Neon City
Rating: 5. | Director: Monte Markham | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

New Crime City
In the year 2005, the government has sealed off Los Angeles and turned the city into a massive prison called Crime Zone. Criminal Tony Ricks is given one last chance. In exchange for his life and a chance at freedom, he must journey into the Crime Zone to recover a deadly biochemical device threatening the entire world.
Rating: 3 | Director: Jonathan Winfrey | IMDB | Amazon

Night of the Comet
Two valley girls are left after a comet reduces everyone to dust. This movie isn't worth any more typing.
Rating: 6 | Director: Thom Eberhardt | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

No blade of grass
A virus strikes all the grass and wheat destroying the world's food supply. A cross country trek, lots of killing.
Rating: 7 | Director: Cornel Wilde | IMDB | Trailer

Rating: 7 | Director: Jens Wolf | IMDB | Trailer

In a future where emotion and desire have been wiped away by an unshakable new narcotic, society exists simply to provide a constant source of the drug. Crumbling Yerba city stands empty, except for its drug-parlors, where the remnants of the population cluster, drifting towards oblivion. Only the android attendants are still capable of action, mindlessly maintaining and administering the 'drip'. Years after escaping to the wastelands outside the city, Claire, one of the few people left who is not an addict, returns looking for the one man who still matters to her. As she makes her way through the dazed world of the city's junkies, only one person seems able to provide any help: the obsessive and self-destructive Miles, the last of the city's security officers. Genetically engineered to be immune to the drug, Miles' strange charisma draws Claire to him, but when he brutally guns down a group of harmless dissidents, she begins to doubt she can really trust anyone. With no other leads, Claire warily sets out with Miles towards Tiburon, a secret community outside the city that may be the last hold-out against the drug... and may bring Claire face to face with her past.
Rating: ? | Director: Michael Ferris Gibson | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

O-bi, O-ba - Koniec cywilizacji (End of Civilization)
If there is no hope left...
Rating: 7 | Director: Piotr Szulkin | IMDB

Omega Doom
Rating: 6 | Director: Albert Pyun | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Omega Man
Based on Matheson's "I am Legend" (see below).
Rating: 9 | Director: Boris Sagal | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

On the beach (1959)
This is more 50's then it is post apocalyptic, but I like old B&W films.
Rating: 7 | Director: Stanley Kramer | IMDB | Amazon

On the beach (2000)
This is loosely based on Nevil Shute's book and set in contemporary times. Sorry, no spoilers. This thing is 3 hours long though. Can someone tell me what writer thinks its safe to go out in 23 rads? (That was rhetorical).
Rating: 8 | Director: Russell Mulcahy | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

One Hundred Mornings
Set in a world upended by a complete breakdown of society, two couples hide out in a lakeside cabin hoping to survive this crisis.
Rating: ? | Director: Conor Horgan | IMDB | Trailer

Rating: 7 | Director: Charles Band | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Planet of the Apes
I've seen all of these and they all rock. Charleton Heston and a buncha monkeys, what more could you ask for? The one where the monkey's rise up against the humans is probably the best, 'cept for the first of course, oh and the 2nd too. The remake doesn't live up to the original.
Rating: 10 | Director: Franklin Schaffner | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Post Impact
When a comet unexpectedly alters course and strikes Earth, the Northern Hemisphere is struck by a new Ice Age. American Embassy Security Man Tom Parker had to leave behind his wife and daughter in Berlin and has been looking for a way back to find them. His chance comes when a secret military microwave satellite comes to life again, destroying a plane, and research states that this could only have been an action controlled from the frozen former capital of Germany.
Rating: 4 | Director: Christoph Schrewe | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Prayer of the Rollerboys
This movie is set in the not so distant future of Los Angeles. The economy has gone bankrupt and Los Angeles has been over-run with violence, drugs and gang warfare. Corey Haim plays Griffin, an old friend of Gary Lee, who works under cover with area police to reveal the para-military gang pushing drugs with "Day of the Rope" in it.
Rating: 5 | Director: Rick King | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Pulse 2: Afterlife
The world has been reshaped by the invasion of ghosts via the wireless internet. Cities are deserted, technology has been destroyed and the few remaining human beings eschew anything electrical in order to avoid a confrontation with the soulless ghosts that now wander the planet. Most of the ghosts are doomed to a repetitive loop of something they did while they were still despairing humans (a man repeatedly hangs himself, for example), but there are some ghosts so locked in denial, they do not know they are dead. They continue to haunt their homes, wrapped in fear that their souls will soon be torn from them.
Rating: 4 | Director: Joel Soisson | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Rating: 9 | Director: James Bai | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Cool hand luke, Paul Newman, stars in this ice age vista where humanity is dying out, and accelerating their own demise through a game they play called Quintet. The scenery is great, but this movie spends too much time seemingly brooding on some lost point.
Rating: 7 | Director: Robert Altman | IMDB | Amazon

Radio Free Steve
Rating: 7 | Director: Jules Beesley | IMDB | Trailer

Radioactive Dreams
I haven't seen this but I'm looking for it.
Rating: ? | Director: Albert Pyun | IMDB | Amazon

Raiders of the Damned
Rating: 6 | Director: Milko Davis | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Raiders of the Sun
Bloodthirsty factions rule the barren earth. It's the 21st Century and a biological disaster has ruined the planet. Here, in a world where gunpowder is more valuable than gold, a few hundred survivors wage the final conflict for power and control. Yet among them rises a new warrior, destined to shape the aeons which will follow -- a man who stops at nothing to achieve his ends, and for whom courage is the only commodity.
Rating: 4 | Director: Cirio H. Santiago | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

In a post-apocalyptic world divided between two groups called the Flockers and the Ravagers, an adventurer and his "pleasure girl" try to find their way to a rumored safe haven called the Land of Genesis. I haven't seen this but I'm looking for it.
Rating: ? | Director: Richard Compton | IMDB

Red Dawn
At the outbreak of World War III, midwestern high school students turned refugees slowly organize themselves into an effective guerrilla force to turn back the tide of Soviet invaders.
Rating: 7 | Director: John Milius | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Reign of Fire
A brood of fire-breathing dragons emerges from the earth and begins setting fire to everything, establishing dominance over the planet.
Rating: 6 | Director: Rob Bowman | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Resident Evil: Extinction
Survivors of the Raccoon City catastrophe travel across the Nevada desert, hoping to make it to Alaska. Alice joins the caravan and their fight against the evil Umbrella Corp.
Rating: 6. | Director: Russel Mulcahy | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Rise of the Undead
Rating: 2 | Director: Jason Horton & Shannon Hubbell | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Robot Holocaust
Neo, a drifter from the atomic-blasted wastelands, arrives with his klutzy robot sidekick at a factory where slaves labor to fuel the sinister Dark One's Power Station. There, he meets a comely woman who convinces him to help rescue her scientist father, who has invented a device that can break the Dark One's control over the slaves. Gathering a motley crew of allies on the way, Neo and pals travel to the Power Station, where they confront the Dark One's evil servants.
Rating: 4 | Director: Tim Kincaid | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Robot Jox
It is post-World War III. War is outlawed. In its place, are matches between large Robots called Robot Jox...
Rating: 4 | Director: Stuart Gordon | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Robot Monster
Haven't seen this yet.
Rating: ? | Director: Phil Tucker | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Rock & Rule
Angel, a member of a punk rock band in the apocalyptic future, is kidnapped by Mok, a legendary super rocker. Obsessed with a dark experiment, Mok plans to use Angel's voice to summon a demon from another dimension. The rest of the band such as Omar, Dizzy, and Stretch follows Mok in a stolen police car to Nuke York in an attempt to get her friend back before Angel's voice is gone.
Rating: 6 | Director: Clive A. Smith | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Salute of the Jugger
Rating: 6 | Director: David Webb Peoples | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Sexmission (Seksmisja)
This is a polish movie you need to watch with subtitles, and no the title does not have anything to do with what you think. Two guys get cryogenically frozen, and when they wake up, all that's left are women. I think this was some sort of play on post-feminist society and all that, but really, some of the humor was lost in the translation.
Rating: 6 | Director: Juliusz Machulski | IMDB | Amazon

Shatter Dead
In a horrible turn of events, the people of this world go on living even in death. With gangs about killing people to share in their misery, and people (corpses) confused, it is indeed a bleek future. When Susan, not yet dead, is faced with her boyfriend's impending trek home, she does her best to cope.
Rating: 8 | Director: Scooter McCrae | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

In a backward post-apocalyptic world, She aids two brothers' quest to rescue their kidnapped sister. Along the way, they battle orgiastic werewolves, a psychic communist, a tutu-wearing giant, a mad scientist, and gladiators before standing against the odds to defeat the evil Norks.
Rating: 4 | Director: Avi Nesher | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

She-Wolves of the Wasteland
Big hair, big guns, big personalities, and a serious lack of wardrobe. She-Wolves of the Wasteland, a post-apocalyptic story that features women--lots and lots of women--who leave little to the imagination as they battle each other in various junkyards and gravel pits to determine the fate of the entire world. Also known as Phoenix the Warrior.
Rating: 3 | Director: Robert Hayes | IMDB | Amazon

Silent Running
The loner crew member of a spaceship harboring Earth's last nature reserves goes renegade when he is instructed to jettison his beloved forests and return home. Accompanied only by three robots, he ponders the fate of his last pocket of nature and the murders of his fellow crew members in this far-looking speculative film.
Rating: 7 | Director: Douglas Trumbull | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Six String Samurai
Rock n' Roll and some sword fighting on the way to Vegas.
Rating: 7 | Director: Lance Mungia | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Haven't seen this yet.
Rating: ? | Director: Steven Lisberger | IMDB | Amazon

Rating: 6 | Director: Alan Johnson | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Spacehunter Adventures in the Forbidden Zone
Three women makes an emergency landing on a planet plagued with a fatal disease, but are captured by dictator Overdog. Adventurer Wolff goes there to rescue them and meets Niki, the only earthling left from a medical expedition. Combining their talents, they try to rescue the women... goofy fun that's loaded with great production design.
Rating: 6 | Director: Lamont Johnson | IMDB | Amazon

Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds
Brother and sister endure alone together in a post-apocalyptic Outback until the sudden arrival of a stranger.
Rating: 6 | Director: Maker: Alex Proyas | IMDB

Steel Dawn
You can definitely tell this is circa 80's with the crimped hair and big manes. This follows a generic plot outline of the silent tough guy, and yes the precious commodity in the movie is water. The action ain't that great. Don't run out and get it, but if it's on late night tv or on a Sunday afternoon it might be worth it. I think Swayze's best line in the movie is "you talk to much".
Rating: 6 | Director: Lance Hool | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Steel Frontier
I have this recorded on my mythtv but haven't watched it yet.
Rating: ? | Director: Jacobsen Hart & Paul G. Volk | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

The world's water supply has dried up due to some sort of apocalypse. A beautiful woman holds the secret...
Rating: 4 | Director: Cirio H. Santiago | IMDB | Amazon

Superstarlet A.D.
A Troma release about about a post apocalyptic next millennium in the lost city of Femphis, where the world has returned to the order of nature. All men have devolved into deadly neanderthals, whereas women have gained a chromosome and are all physically beautiful. Half porno, half musical.
Rating: ? | Director: John Michael McCarthy | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Surf Nazis Must die
The only reason I put this here is so you don't waste your money on this. IT GETS A FAT ZERO.
Rating: 0 | Director: ? | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Survivor (1987)
Haven't seen this yet.
Rating: ? | Director: Michael Shackleton | IMDB | Amazon

Tank Girl
This is a campy, glam comedy flick. Ice-T even plays a kangaroo.
Rating: 6 | Director: Rachel Talalay | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Teenage Cave Man
Haven't seen this yet.
Rating: ? | Director: Roger Corman | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Teenage Caveman (2002)
Haven't seen this yet.
Rating: ? | Director: Larry Clark | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Rating: 7 | Director: Lynne Littman | IMDB | Amazon

The 3 Mad Max movies
Deserts, fighting, gangs. The usual.
Rating: 7 | Director: George Miller | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

The Aftermath
Haven't seen this yet.
Rating: ? | Director: Steve Barkett | IMDB

The Animatrix
This is a collection of animated shorts revolving around the Matrix movie, half of which are definitely post apocalyptic.
Rating: 9 | Director: Multiple | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell
Rating: 8 | Director: Jonny Gillette & Kevin Wheatley | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

The Bed Sitting Room
Set in post-nuclear-holocaust England, where a handful of bizarre characters struggle on with their lives in the ruins, amongst endless heaps of ash, piles of broken crockery and brick, muddy plains, and heaps of dentures and old boots. Patriotically singing "God Save Mrs. Etheyl Shroake, Long Live Mrs. Etheyl Shroake", they wander through this surrealistic landscape, forever being warned by the police to "keep moving", and prone to the occasional mutation into a parrot, cupboard, or even, yes, a bed sitting room with "No Wogs" scrawled in the grime on it's windows
Rating: 6 | Director: Richard Lester | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

The Blood of Heroes (Salute to the Jugger)
Rating: 6. | Director: David Webb Peoples | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

The Dark Hour (La Hora Fria)
Rating: 7 | Director: Elio Quiroga | IMDB | Trailer

The day after
This stars John Lithgow and is definitely realistic.
Rating: 8 | Director: Nicholas Meyer | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

The day the world ended
Talk about bad 50's scifi, this was terrible. It would make a good movie for Mystery Science Theater.
Rating: 4 | Director: Roger Corman | IMDB | Amazon

The End of August at the Hotel Ozone
It is 25 or so years after a nuclear war, and a few hardy young women, and an older leader, are wandering (in Czechoslovakia?) in search of canned food from before the war that can be safely eaten. No men apparently survive, being less resistant to radiation.
Rating: 7 | Director: Jan Schmidt | IMDB | Amazon

The Handmaids tale
Well regardless of how I would interpret this, I still liked this movie. Watch it and you'll see what I mean.
Rating: 8 | Director: Volker Schlondorff | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

The Happening
A strange, horrible and unprecedented crisis begins in Central Park. A high school science teacher, his wife and a young girl do what they can to survive it.
Rating: 6 | Director: M. Night Shyamalan | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

The Last Man
This is about a neurotic man who seems to be the last guy left, that is until Jeri Ryan shows up.
Rating: 7 | Director: Harry Ralston | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

The Last man on earth
An earlier movie based on Matheson's "I am Legend" starring Vincent Price.
Rating: 7 | Director: Ubaldo Ragona & Sidney Salkow | IMDB | download | Amazon

The Last Patrol (aka The Last Warrior)
After a massive earthquake destroys Los Angeles, a new order is formed. But disagreement among the ranks leads to more war and disruption, and The Last Patrol must bring order if there's to be any hope for the future.
Rating: 3 | | IMDB | Amazon

The Last woman on earth
2 guys and one dame left, does this need any elaboration?
Rating: 7 | Director: Roger Corman | IMDB | download | Amazon

The Matrix
If you haven't seen this, there is something wrong with you. The next 2 in the series just get a measly 8..
Rating: 10 | Director: Andy & Larry Wachowski | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

The Men Who Fell
Rating: 7 | Director: William L. Stewart | IMDB | Trailer

The New Barbarians
Two mercenaries help wandering caravans fight off an evil and aimless band of white-clad bikers after the nuclear holocaust.
Rating: 5 | Director: Enzo G. Castellari | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

The Noah
Rating: 7 | Director: Daniel Bourla | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

The Nuke Brothers
The NUKE Brothers is set in the Wastelands of Earth thirty five years after a devastating nuclear/pharmaceutical apocalypse. A dramatic comedy, the tone of the movie can be described as, "Laurel and Hardy After the Bomb."
Rating: 6 | Director: Scott C. Carr | Official Website | Trailer

The People Who Own the Dark
A group of rich businessmen and military officers who are partying in an old castle are spared when a nuclear war ravages the earth...
Rating: 5 | Director: León Klimovsky | IMDB | Amazon

The Postman
A few small communities and one man's accident turns into a struggle to bring some sanity back into the world. Kinda hollywood but still cool.
Rating: 8 | Director: Kevin Costner | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

The Quick and the Undead
Eighty Two years ago a viral outbreak turned three quarters of the world population into the walking dead. Now, Bounty Hunters are humanity's only salvation.
Rating: 7 | Director: Gerald Nott | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

The Quiet Earth
A man finds himself the only living person on the planet, and you get to watch him go crazy, boozing and dancing around in women's clothing.
Rating: 10 | Director: Geoff Murphy | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

The Road
A post-apocalyptic tale of a man and his son trying to survive by any means possible. Based on the Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Cormac McCarthy
Rating: 10 | Director: John Hillcoat | IMDB | Trailer

The Road Warrior
In the post-apocolyptic Australian wasteland, a cynical drifter agrees to help a small, gasoline rich, community escape a band of bandits.
Rating: 9 | Director: George Miller | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

The Roller Blade Seven
In a futuristic society, a sword-wielding roller skater fights evil ninjas, punk roller skaters and is sent on an important rescue mission
Rating: 2 | Director: Donald G. Jackson | IMDB | Amazon

The Seed of Man (Il Seme dell'uomo)
A young couple argue about having a child in the days after a global plague wipes out most of Earth's population.
Rating: 8 | Director: Marco Ferreri | IMDB | Amazon

The Signal
Rating: 8 | Director: David Bruckner / David Bruckner / Jacob Gentry | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

The Silent City
Havent't seen this yet, but it's made in Ireland and the full movie is free for download.
Rating: ? | Director: Ruairi Robinson | IMDB | Download

The Silver Globe (Na srebrnym globie)
banned science fiction apocalypse epic by controversial director Andrej Zulawski. In this surreal and disturbing mix of Lord of the Flies and Dune a group of space pioneers starts a colony on the moon. As the adults die off the children revert to primitive forms creating their own myths deities and social classes. Years later a politician from earth arrives and--fulfilling the moon people's prophecy--is hailed as their great messiah.
Rating: 7 | Director: Andrzej Zulawski | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

The Terror Within
It's the post-apocalypse, and the world has been changed by "the accident," a chemical warfare experiment gone awry. At an isolated subterranean complex, a group of people survives because they were able to get the antidote for the illness. They rescue a surface survivor from the gargoyles, who unfortunately had time to impregnate her, and when the "baby" is born and escapes into the ventilation ducts, they begin experiencing an attrition problem.
Rating: 4 | | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

The Terror Within II
In a world gone mad, the last human colony struggles to survive underground, beneath a land of nightmarish mutants who seek to destroy them. But when the mutant breaks inside humanity's final stronghold, the battle for survival pits the human colonists against their deadly invaders miles below the earth's surface
Rating: 4 | Director: Andrew Stevens | IMDB | Amazon

The Ultimate Warrior
Rating: 6. | Director: Robert Clouse | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

The Vanguard
Rating: 7. | Director: Mathew Hope | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

The War Game
This is a fictional documentary style made for BBC tv, set in england about the aftereffects of an allout nuclear set in the 50's I think, when we're talking 1 megaton nuclear warheads. This was never released due to the panic it might cause (from what I've read). Good luck finding this baby.
Rating: 8 | Director: Peter Watkins | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

The World, the flesh, and the devil
Panoramic views of an empty new york city. This was pretty decent with some racial overtones.
Rating: 7 | Director: Ranald MacDougall | IMDB

The Zombie Diaries
Rating: 7 | Director: Kevin Gates & Michael Bartlett | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Rating: 9 | Director: Mick Jackson | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Time of the Wolf (Le Temps Du Loup)
Immediately before a global catyclysm, Anna and her family arrive at their holiday home in the countryside only to find it is occupied by a group of complete strangers. This confrontation is just the beginning of a painful learning process, as they discover that nothing will ever be the same again.
Rating: 6. | Director: Michael Haneke | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Tokyo Zombie
The first three quarters was kind of boring, but the last quarter was post apocalyptic and was awesome, so I split the difference.
Rating: 6 | Director: Sakichi Satô | IMDB | Trailer

Tooth and Nail
Rating: 8. | Director: Mark Young | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Twilight of the dogs
In the future SAM ASGARDE, an ex-military pilot, is one of the few who survived the worldwide plague of the twenty second century. He faces the biggest challenge of his life when he must save the world from a religious cult leader who wishes to eradicate all survivors except for a chosen few.
Rating: 6. | Director: John R. Ellis | IMDB

Virus (Fukkatsu No Hi)
The japanese were making good movies long before the recent spate of psychological thrillers and hollywood money. If you are a PA fan like me, you will definitely want to see this epic.
Rating: 7 | Director: Kinji Fukasaku | IMDB | Amazon

War of the Worlds
As Earth is invaded by alien tripod fighting machines, one family fights for survival.
Rating: | Director: Steven Spielberg | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Warlords of the 21st Century
Post World War III futuristic tale of collapsed governments & bankrupt countries heralding a new lawless age.
Rating: 4 | Director: Harley Cokeliss | IMDB | Amazon

Warrior of the Lost World
The warrior is traveling through a post-apocalyptic world on his technically advanced motorcycle and his loyal computer Einstein. Being pure in spirit, he manages to pass through the wall of illusion and meets the resistance movement The Elders, fighting the tyranny of the evil despot Prossor. The resistance asks him to free professor McWayne, their leader, who has been sentenced to death by Prossor. The beautiful Nastasia and the warrior infiltrate the city, guarded by the Omega militia, where the professor is imprisoned.
Rating: ? | Director: David Worth & Fred Williamson | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

The whole world is covered by water and the few poeple that are left are living on makeshift islands of garbage. Another hollywood flick but still very cool.
Rating: 8 | Director: Kevin Reynolds | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

When the wind blows
Rating: 7 | Director: Jimmy T. Murakami | IMDB | Amazon

Where have all the people gone
Rating: 7 | Director: John Llewellyn Moxey | IMDB | Amazon

Wired to Kill
In the near future, law and order breaks down, diseases, violence and immorality are rampant. However, one Christian young man decides not to turn the other cheek anymore. He modifies his wheelchair to help him protect his home and family, and kill the thugs first.
Rating: 4 | Director: Francis Schaeffer | IMDB | Amazon

On a post-apocalyptic Earth, A wizard and his faire folk comrades fight an evil wizard who's using technology in his bid for conquest.
Rating: 6 | Director: Ralph Bakshi | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

World gone wild
In the nuclear ravaged wasteland of Earth 2087 water is as precious as life itself. The isolated Lost Wells outpost survived the holocaust and the inhabitants guard the source of their existence. Now an evil cult of renegades want control of their valuable water supply. And the villagers are no match for such brute military force. Only one man can help the stricken community - a mercenary living in a distance cannibal city.
Rating: ? | Director: Lee H. Katzin | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

World War Z
A movie based on the book scheduled for 2008. From IMDB: A global perspective on the future of the zombie race, ten years after they have taken over the world.
Rating: ? | Director: Unknown

World Without End
Four astronauts returning from mankind's first mission to Mars enter a time warp and crash on a 26th Century Earth devastated by atomic war...
Rating: 6 | Director: Edward Bernds | IMDB | Amazon

Yor, Hunter from the Future
Yor, an extremely blond prehistoric warrior, comes to question his origins, particularly with regard to a mysterious medallion he wears. When he learns of a desert goddess who supposedly wears the same medallion, Yor decides that he must find her and learn his true identity. Along the way, he encounters ape-men, dinosaurs, and a strange futuristic society.
Rating: 4 | Director: Antonio Margheriti | IMDB | Amazon

Z.P.G. (Zero Population Growth)
In the not too distant future, a very smoggy and overpopulated Earth government makes it illegal to have children for a generation...
Rating: 8 | Director: Michael Campus | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

It's rare to find another 70's gem but this is one of em. And yes, Sean Connery is the star.
Rating: 8 | Director: John Boorman | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Zombie Night
Pakistan and India exchange nukes. Other countries join the fray, and the nuclear fallout causes a plague of the living dead. David attempts to lead a band of survivors from safe house to safe house, hoping to outlast the zombies, while also trying to protect the group from the machinations of a survivor and former member of his party bent on revenge.
Rating: ? | Director: David J. Francis | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Zombie Planet
In a large southern city is a group known as the "Survivors". They are what are left of civilization in the city. They are weak and half-starved. Too poor to be eligible for the Government Safe Zones, they are preyed upon by two enemies, the Zombies and the "Upper Class".
Rating: ? | Director: George Bonilla | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Zombie Planet 2: Adam's Revenge
Following Zombie Planet.
Rating: ? | Director: George Bonilla | IMDB | Trailer

Zombie Wars
Rating: 3 | Director: David A. Prior | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Zombieland is now officially the king of zombedies, besting out Shaun of the Dead with its Family Guy style interjection of wit and potty humor, creative zombie killing, and all around hilarity.
Rating: 8. | Director: Ruben Fleischer | IMDB | Trailer

This is a collection of somewhat macabre/horror/scifi anthologies, one of which is called "Hidamari No Shi" and is post apocalyptic. This is japanese anime, also with a heavy scifi tip, and it's definitely sweet.
Rating: 7 | Director: Masaki Adachi & Ryu Kaneda & Horshi Ando & Komiya Masatetsu & Junpei Mizusaki | IMDB | Amazon

Zordax II
Rating: 7 | Director: Syl Disjonk | IMDB

Post Apocalyptic television (27)

Battlestar Galactica
The second war against the Cylons is over and The Twelve Colonies have been destroyed. Now Commander Adama of the Battlestar Galatica and President Laura Roslin lead a ragtag fleet of refugees in a supposed search for the fabled lost thirteenth colony, Earth. However, the dangers they face are many which compound an already difficult situation.
Rating: 9 | Ron Moore | IMDB | Amazon

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
In the 26th century, nature has spun wildly out of control. Cities have crumbled and the dinosaurs have returned to rule the earth. Jack Tenrac, one of the last of the "old blood" mechanics, along with his friends Hannah Dundee and Mustapha, defend humanity from the greedy governor Scharnhorst, freelance poachers, and other evil influences.
Rating: ? | Raymond Jafelice | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Countdown to Looking Glass
A 1984 Canadian made-for-television movie, which presents a fictional confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union, and details the events that lead up to the initial exchange of nuclear weapons from the perspective of an on-going news broadcast.
Rating: ? | Director: Fred Barzyk | IMDB | Trailer

Day of the Triffids (2009)
The world is struck blind by a solar storm, and millions of man-eating mobile plants are released to roam Britain.
Rating: ? | Nick Copus | IMDB | Trailer

Desert Punk (Sunabouzu)
"The Great Kanto desert is a place of extremes. The blasted remains of an ancient civilization destroyed by their own evil deeds. Afew surviving descendants still inhabit this stark landscape, and they haven't learned a bloody thing! Meet Kanta Mizuno. He's not your typical hero and his methods are not always honorable, but he's the closes thing to a good guy the desert's got. Self proclaimed as the "Desert Punk" he's out to make a name for himself as the beset handyman for hire. No job it too tough, no opponent too nefarious - Once Desrt Punk's on the job, it's as good as done! That is, until he runs into Junko, the siren of the sands. Double-crossed by these double-D's, Desert Punk finds himself with a job he couldn't complete and a debt he can't repay." I'm not a fan of anime to start with, I really only liked Akira, Ghost in the Shell, and of course Cowboy Bebop. I only watched the first 3 episodes of this show, but it seems like Dragonball-Z to me, with over the top drama, and simple plot lines.
Rating: 4 | Takayuki Inagaki | Homepage | Trailer | Amazon

Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America
An outbreak of avian flu mutates into a virus that becomes transmittable from human to human. As panic spreads, the governor of Virginia quarantines neighborhoods where cases have cropped up, and federal officials confess they have no vaccine and scant supplies of antiviral drugs. Major socioeconomic disruption sets in, with shortages of food and medical supplies, power outages, and riots in the streets of New York. A civil war even erupts among the US.
Rating: 6 | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Haven't seen this yet.
Rating: ? | Masahiko Murata | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

In a post-apocalyptic future, a deadly virus has wiped out most of humanity. The only ones who survived, were those who hadn't yet reached puberty. Now a decade has gone by, and a man called Jeremiah is set on a quest to find a mysterious place his father spoke of, a place called Valhalla.Haven't found this yet, supposed to be a belgian comic. The series on Showtime with the same name is based on this. By Dupuis publishing?
Rating: ? | Michael Straczynski | Amazon

The first half of the season was slow but the last half of the season was spectacular! The second season only ran for 7 episodes but it was stellar and wraps up all the shows loose ends. We're crossing our fingers for more adventures. The official CBS fan wiki is available at
Rating: 7 | unknown | CBS | Trailer | Amazon

Masters of Science Fiction, Season 1: A Clean Escape
In John Kessel's short story about a post-apocalyptic near future, a psychiatrist (Davis) is trying to help a patient (Waterston) recover from a memory lapse.
Rating: ? | Mark Rydell | IMDB | Trailer

Outer Limits (original): The man who was never born
I could include spoiler links, but if you want that find it on your own. An astronaut gets pushed through the space time continuum and returns to the earth of a distant future, a barren desert inhabited by a few ugly, scarred mutants.
Rating: ? | Leonard Horn

Outer limits, Season 2: Resurrection (Jan 14, 1996)
Haven't seen this, two androids try to reseed the earth from a single strand of hair.
Rating: ? | Mario Azzopardi

Outer Limits, Season 3: Bits of Love (January 19, 1997)
Following a nuclear holocaust, a man surrounds himself with computer generated friends and relatives.
Rating: ? | Neill Fearnley

Outer Limits, Season 4: The Vaccine (April 3, 1998)
A genetically engineered doomsday virus kills much of the Earth's population. A vaccine is delivered to 12 quarantined survirors but there is only enough to save 3 of them.
Rating: ? | Neill Fearnley

Q.E.D - Season 1, Episode 8: A Guide to Armageddon
BBC, 1982. A speculative documentary of what would happen if Britain suffered a nuclear attack with the narration ending "Would the survivors envy the dead?" (Some footage was re-used in director Mick Jackson's Threads from a year later.)
Rating: ? | Mick Jackson | IMDB | Trailer

Star Trek: TOS, Season 1: Miri (October 27, 1966)
The Enterprise discovers a planet exactly like Earth; but the only inhabitants are children who contract a fatal disease upon entering puberty.
Rating: ? | Writer: Adrian Spies | IMDB

Survivors is a bbc tv production which started airing in 1975 and was comprised of 3 seasons. The whole series is based on a great plague which has wiped out something like 95% of the population. I've watched the first 3 episodes, and I've gotta say, this show is great!
Rating: 8 | Terry Nation | IMDB | Trailer

The Changes
BBC children's drama from 1975, 10 episodes. The Changes posits a Britain where a sudden enveloping noise emanating from all machinery and technology causes the population to destroy them. The resulting upheaval displaces many people and reverts society back to a pre-industrial age where there is a deep suspicion of anyone who may be harbouring machinery. Based on a book trilogy.
Rating: ? | John Prowse | IMDB | Trailer

The Last Train
Rating: ? | Stuart Orme, Alex Pillai | IMDB

The Stand
After the world is decimated by a man-made plague, a battle of literally Biblical proportions ensues between the survivors.
Rating: 7 | Mick Garris/Stephen King | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Sci-fi thriller about the takeover of earth by alien tripods. The conquerers start controlling human minds, but not until after they reach the age of sixteen. Two boys seek to end the terror.
Rating: 7 | Christopher Barry | IMDB | Trailer | Amazon

Twilight Zone, Season 1: Time enought at last
No spoilers here, great episode.
Rating: 10 | Rod Serling & John Brahm

Twilight Zone, Season 3: The Midnight Sun
Again no spoilers, another masterpiece.
Rating: 10 | Rod Serling & Anton Leader

Twilight Zone, Season 3: Two
The premise is that two people of opposing armies find each other in a decimated city, and that's all I'm giving.
Rating: 7 | Montgomery Pittman

Twilight Zone, Season 5: Probe 7 - Over and Out
Haven't seen this, another Adam and Eve type episode.
Rating: ? | Rod Serling & Ted Post

Twilight Zone, Season 5: The Old Man in the Cave
Haven't seen this, this episode is cenetered around an old man who lives in a cave who helps a group of nuclear holocaust survivors.
Rating: ? | Rod Serling & Alan Crosland, Jr.

Z for Zachariah
From 1984, an episode of the BBC drama anthology series Play for Today. (Season 14, Episode 4) Based on the novel of the same name by Robert C. O'Brien.
Rating: ? | Anthony Garner | IMDB | Trailer

Post Apocalyptic books & comics (156)

It's three years since the end of World War II. The only winner was the "Blood Death", a plague hatched in Hitler's labs and sent across the Channel. Now, London is in ruins, roamed by a few mysteriously immune AB-negative survivors. Among these is Hoke, an American and four other...
Rating: ? | Author: James Herbert | Amazon

2012: Seeking Closure
It's December 21, 2012. The President of the United States has just gone on the air to inform the world that in three hours time, the world will end, and there is nothing he can do about it. And then he and all the world leaders walk away and leave the people to fend for themselves. What would...
Rating: ? | Author: Gregory Bernard Banks | Amazon

28 Days Later: The Aftermath
The comic for the first movie, with four different tales. Check out the homepage, you can see the first 15 pages!
Rating: ? | Author: Steve Niles | Fox Atomic | Trailer | Amazon

6 Great Short Novels of Science Fiction
I bought this book published in 1954 off the street on the upper west side on my way to see an old gangster flick. It contains stories by greats like Heinlen, Theodore Sturgeon, but the reason I purchased it was a story called "The Blast" by Stuare Cloete about a sole man who survives a nuclear attack in NYC. I still haven't gotten around to reading this.
Rating: ? | Author: Various Authors

A Canticle for Leibowitz
Walter M. Miller's acclaimed SF classic A Canticle for Leibowitz opens with the accidental excavation of a holy artifact: a creased, brittle memo scrawled by the hand of the blessed Saint Leibowitz, that reads: "Pound pastrami, can kraut, six bagels--bring home for...
Rating: ? | Author: Walter M. Miller | Amazon

A Gift Upon the Shore
A Gift upon the Shore is a lyrical, haunting story of two women, an artist and a writer, surviving in a dark near future. Driven by rich and fully drawn characters, this is a powerful, compelling story of a friendship that survives the devastation,...
Rating: ? | Author: M. K. Wren | Amazon

A Meeting at Corvallis
In the tenth year of The Change, the survivors in western Oregon have learned how to live in a world without technology-but there are those who would exploit the new world order. On one side stands Michael Havel's Bearkillers and their allies, Clan MacKenzie under the leadership of Juniper...
Rating: ? | Author: S. M. Stirling | Amazon

A Wrinkle in the Skin
Extreme earthquakes on a worldwide scale, which reduce towns and cities to piles of rubble and plunge the survivors straight back into the Stone Age.
Rating: ? | Author: John Christopher | Amazon

After Doomsday
Also found this out of print beaut in a used bookstore. Earth is destroyed and two ships are left, one with an all male, and one with an all female crew. Problem is they don't know of the existence of the other ship.
Rating: ? | Author: Poul Anderson | Amazon

After Twilight: Walking with the Dead
At the start of the apocalypse, a small resort town on the coast of Rhode Island fortified itself to withstand the millions of flesh-eating zombies conquering the world. With its high walls and self-contained power plant, Eastpointe was a safe haven for the lucky few who managed to arrive....
Rating: ? | Author: Travis Adkins | Amazon

In the near future, a massive solar flare strikes the dayside of the Earth, utterly destroying the Eastern Hemisphere. Europe, Africa, Asia, India and Russia are turned into wastelands. What life remains becomes mutated from radiation and fallout.
Rating: ? | Author: Multiple | Red 5 Comics

Agviq: The Whale
Review to come ... please check back.
Rating: 7 | Author: Michael Armstrong | Amazon

Alas, Babylon
Rating: 8 | Author: Pat Frank | Amazon

Amnesia Moon
Mutants, Cannibals, and Lethem's trademark wit.
Rating: 7 | Author: Jonathan Lethem | Amazon

An Island Called Moreau
Review to come ... please check back.
Rating: 6 | Author: Brian W. Aldiss | Amazon

Armageddon 2419 A.D.: The Seminal "Buck Rogers" Novel
Buck Rogers, a victim of accidental suspended animation, awakens five hundred years later to discover America groaning under the tyranny of the villainous Han, ruling from the safety of their armored machine-cities.
Rating: ? | Author: Philip Francis Nowlan | Amazon

Armageddon's Children
The world, now ravaged by nuclear war and plague, lies in ruins. Demons and their once-men underlings scour the continents, enslaving and experimenting upon what healthy young remain. Mutations from the fallout and poisons have produced offshoots from humanity - Moles (those adapted to living underground), Spiders (named for their agile, long limbs), and the scaly, brutish Lizards. Zombie-like creatures called Croaks roam free as well, searching for bodies to devour. Most humans are walled up in stadiums and arenas in large cities, fortified compounds filled with thousands of frightened refugees. A few, mostly children, live as tribes hidden in buildings on the streets.
Rating: 8 | Author: Terry Brooks | Amazon

Armageddons (compilation)
A bunch of short stories by different authors ranging from biotech to nan. The best story is "A Pail of Air".
Rating: 8 | Author: Numerous | Amazon

In less than twenty-four hours a vicious and virulent disease destroys virtually all of the population. Billions are killed. Thousands die every second. There are no symptoms and no warnings. Within moments of infection each victim suffers a violent and agonizing death. Only a handful...
Rating: ? | Author: David Moody | Amazon

Battle Circle
Review to come ... please check back.
Rating: 8 | Author: Piers Anthony | Amazon

Canterbury 2100: Pilgrimages in a New World
A hundred years from now, a nuclear-powered steam train is stopped by a massive storm on its journey to Canterbury, the new capital of an England struggling to rise from the ashes of the twenty-first century. As the waters rise with the storm's fury, the weird and wonderful passengers tell the stories of a new age ...
Rating: ? | Author: Dirk Flinthart (Editor | Amazon

Catching Fire
Against all odds, Katniss Everdeen has won the annual Hunger Games with fellow district tribute Peeta Mellark. But it was a victory won by defiance of the Capitol and their harsh rules. Katniss and Peeta should be happy. After all, they have just won for themselves and their families a life of...
Rating: ? | Author: Suzanne Collins | Amazon

Stephen King's latest novel, a zombie homage to Richard Matheson and George Romero. This ain't like his old stuff.
Rating: 6 | Author: Stephen King | Amazon

Damnation Alley
I haven't seen the movie yet but the book is pretty good.
Rating: 7 | Author: Roger Zelazny | Amazon

Davy is a post-apocalyptic science fiction novel by Edgar Pangborn. It is set in the Northeastern United States some centuries after an atomic war ended high-technology civilization, with some scenes on an unnamed Atlantic island.
Rating: ? | Author: Edgar Pangborn | Amazon

Dawn's Uncertain Light
Sequel to Through Darkest America.
Rating: ? | Author: Neal Barrett | Amazon

Day by Day Armageddon
n ongoing journal depicting one man's personal struggle for survival, dealing with the trials of an undead world unfolding around him. An unknown plague sweeps the planet. The dead rise to claim the Earth as the new dominant species. Trapped in the midst of a global tragedy, he must make decisions...choices that that ultimately mean life, or the eternal curse to walk as one of them.
Rating: ? | Author: J.L. Bourne | Homepage | Amazon

Dead Sea
With zombies taking over the cities, a group of humans escapes the carnage by taking a small Coast Guard ship out to sea, but there's no getting away-even in the wide ocean.
Rating: ? | Author: Brian Keene | Amazon

The planet formerly known as Earth lies scorched and barren. Survivors live underground, ever on the defensive against rotters -- mindless corpses that troll the sweltering surface. A new menace has evolved, set on human annihilation.
Rating: ? | Author: Scott A. Johnson | Amazon

Deathlands (series)
This is a very large series of I don't know how many books. Will update when I've read one.
Rating: ? | Author: Lorne Adrian | Amazon

This book is too much literary mush for me, maybe you'll have better luck.
Rating: ? | Author: Samuel R. DeLany | Amazon

Dies the Fire: A Novel of the Change
The Change occurred when an electrical storm centered over the island of Nantucket produced a blinding white flash that rendered all electronic devices and fuels inoperable. What follows is the most terrible global catastrophe in the history of the human race-and a Dark Age universal and...
Rating: ? | Author: S. M. Stirling | Amazon

Doomsday Warrior (Series)
Review to come ... please check back.
Rating: | Author: Ryder Stacy | Amazon

Down to a Sunless Sea
A planeload of people during and after a short nuclear war, set in a near-future world where the USA is critically short of oil. Two versons, one with a happy ending, one without.
Rating: ? | Author: David Graham | Amazon

Dr. Bloodmoney
Mediocre like the majority of his books. Starts in San Francisco right before the bombs drop.
Rating: 7 | Author: Philip K. Dick | Amazon

Dying to Live: A Novel of Life Among the Undead
Jonah Caine, a lone survivor in a zombie-infested world, struggles to understand the apocalypse in which he lives. Unable to find a moral or sane reason for the horror that surrounds him, he is overwhelmed by violence and insignificance. After wandering for months, Jonah's lonely...
Rating: ? | Author: Kim Paffenroth | Amazon

Earth Abides
Not a very imaginative author by any means, but worth a look.
Rating: 6 | Author: George R. Stewart | Amazon

Earth, the New Frontier
When the much-heralded stellar event of the century turns into global catastrophe, mankind finds itself facing almost certain extinction as the sky begins to fall. As the world grows deathly cold in an atomic winter, a handful of survivors in Arizona strike out for their last chance of survival....
Rating: ? | Author: Adam Celaya | Amazon

Review to come ... please check back.
Rating: 8 | Author: David R. Palmer | Amazon

Eternity Road
Eternity Road is set 1,000 years from now, when the world as we know it has been dead for eight centuries, destroyed by a plague that killed most of humanity. Technological artifacts remain, but the knowledge of what they are and how to use them has been lost by a society...
Rating: ? | Author: Jack McDevitt | Amazon

Eve of the Dead
The world as we know it has fallen into a state of chaos. The dead are rising, and are attacking the last remaining living people. Businesses and residences that have not yet been overrun by the hordes of ghouls are being ransacked by looters. A small group of survivors from the countryside seek...
Rating: ? | Author: Nathan Tucker | Amazon

Farnham's Freehold
After barely surviving a thermonuclear war, Hugh Farnham and a small group of survivors find themselves in a post-apocalyptic world in which Africans rule and whites are slaves. Reprint.
Rating: ? | Author: Robert A. Heinlein | Amazon

Firebrats (Series)
Review to come ... please check back.
Rating: 7 | Author: Scott Siegel , Barbara Siegel | Amazon

Fitzpatrick's War
In the twenty-sixth century the world is a very different place. The United States and Canada are gone, replaced by the socially rigid, authoritarian Confederacy of the Yukon. Also gone is the electronic age-destroyed in the apocalyptic Storm Times that devastated the globe and decimated the...
Rating: ? | Author: Theodore Judson | Amazon

Full Circle
Review to come ... please check back.
Rating: 6 | Author: Bruce Ariss | Amazon

Gather Darkness
GATHER, DARKNESS! is a science-fiction classic. It tells the story of Armon Jarles, a man on the edge, living amidst the disputes of two rival powers at large in the world. 360 years after a nuclear holocaust ravaged mankind, throwing society back into the dark ages, the world is fraught with...
Rating: ? | Author: Fritz Leiber | Amazon

Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse: A Novel
Mortimer Tate was a recently divorced insurance salesman when he holed up in a cave on top of a mountain in Tennessee and rode out the end of the world. Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse begins nine years later, when he emerges into a bizarre landscape filled with hollow reminders...
Rating: ? | Author: Victor Gischler | Amazon

Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch
There was a bit of a mixup when the Antichrist was born, who did not so much fall as saunter downwards...
Rating: ? | Author: Neil Gaiman | Amazon

Hiero's Journey
Per Hiero Desteen was a priest, a telepath -- and a highly trained killer. Together with his great riding moose and the young bear who was his friend, he was on an extraordinary mission. For this was five thousand years after the holocaust known as The Death. Now the evil Brotherhood of the...
Rating: ? | Author: Sterling E. Lanier | Amazon

Horseclans (Series)
Review to come ... please check back.
Rating: 7 | Author: Robert Adams | Amazon

How To Survive a Robot Uprising: Tips on Defending Yourself Against the Coming Rebellion
An inspired and hilarious look at how humans can defeat the inevitable robot rebellion, as revealed by a robotics expert....
Rating: ? | Author: Daniel H. Wilson | Amazon

I am Legend
One man left locked up in his house at night trying to drown out the zombies trying to get in, when day comes he goes on a killing spree. A classic.
Rating: 10 | Author: Richard Matheson | Amazon

Rating: 7 | Author: Nick Sagan | Author Homepage | Amazon

John Dies at the End
Meat monsters, wig-wearing scorpion aberrations and wingless white flies that burrow into human skin threaten to kill Wong and his crew...
Rating: ? | Author: David Wong | Amazon

Kaimira: The Sky Village: Book One
High over China, the Sky Village, an intricate web of interconnected hot-air balloons, floats above the troubled landscape, where animals battle machines for control. Mei's mother has been kidnapped, and she has been left in this strange place by her father. Half a world away,...
Rating: ? | Author: Monk Ashland, Nigel Ashland | Amazon

Master of the past battles the curse of tomorrow's forgotten knowledge.
Rating: ? | Author: Neal Barrett | Amazon

Kingdom River (The Snowfall Trilogy, Book 2)
Sam Monroe is the reluctant commander of a tough-minded warrior people living in what was once northern Mexico. His tiny country is flanked on the northeast by the Kingdom River, a vast, trade-driven nation that replaced the southern United States, and on the northwest by the Khanate, an empire...
Rating: ? | Author: Mitchell Smith | Amazon

Lance Barnes: Post Nuke Dick
A 4 issue comics mini-series from Marvel/Epic about a private eye who cuts the wrong wire.
Rating: 8 | Author: ? | Amazon

Level 7
Level 7 is the diary of Officer X-127, who is assigned to stand guard at the "Push Buttons," a machine devised to activate the atomic destruction of the enemy, in the country's deepest bomb shelter. Four thousand feet underground, Level 7 has been built to...
Rating: ? | Author: Mordecai Roshwald | Amazon

Life As We Knew It
It's almost the end of Miranda's sopho year in high school, and her journal reflects the busy life of a typical teenager: conversations with friends, fights with mom, and fervent hopes for a driver's license. When Miranda first begins hearing the reports of a meteor on a collision course with...
Rating: ? | Author: Susan Beth Pfeffer | Amazon

Long Voyage Back: A Novel
The story concerns a hypothetical World War III between the USSR and the United States, and graphically depicts the ensuing carnage. One family and some friends try to run away in a sailboat, and the story describes their battles with nuclear winter and fallout, and with the ensuing collapse of civilization.
Rating: ? | Author: Luke Rhinehart | Amazon

Lucifer's Hammer
I'm not a Niven fan, but If you can make it through the first 3 quarters of this book, you will be rewarded with the last couple of hundred pages which are pretty cool.
Rating: 6 | Author: Larry Niven | Amazon

Make Room Make Room
Sometime in the dark future of urban jungles, riots, food shortages, and senseless violence, a cynical New York City detective embarks on a desperate hunt for the truth. Reprint.
Rating: ? | Author: Harry Harrison | Amazon

Written in French. The survivors of a nuclear war find their surroundings reduced to ashes and rubble. Together they start to rebuild.
Rating: ? | Author: Robert Merle | Amazon

Mara and Dann
A visionary novel from Doris Lessing, Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature 2007. It is sooner than you might think. And the earth's climate is much changed -- it's colder than ever before in the north, and unbearably dry and hot in the south. Mara, who is seven, and her four-year-old brother...
Rating: ? | Author: Doris May Lessing | Amazon

This guy also wrote The man who fell to earth which was made into a movie starring David Bowie. This book is great. I'd also reccomend the other one.
Rating: 10 | Author: Walter Tevis | Amazon

Monster Island: A Zombie Novel
It's one month after a global disaster. The most "developed" nations of the world have fallen to the shambling zombie masses. Only a few pockets of humanity survive — in places rife with high-powered weaponry, such as Somalia. In New York City, the dead walk the...
Rating: ? | Author: David Wellington | Amazon

Monster Nation: A Zombie Novel
In the heart of America, in the world's most secure prison, something horrible is growing in the dark. A wave of cannibalism and fear is sweeping across the heartland, spreading carnage and infection in its wake. Captain Bannerman Clark of the National Guard has been tasked...
Rating: ? | Author: David Wellington | Amazon

Monster Planet: A Zombie Novel
Set twelve years after the shambling zombie masses have overrun Manhattan, America, and the world, Monster Planet is the mind-blowing conclusion to what must be the scariest trilogy ever. Oceans of blood, scattered limbs, wanton violence, and general mayhem abound, along...
Rating: ? | Author: David Wellington | Amazon

Moonrise: Book Three of the Snowfall Trilogy
The World is Frozen. Civilization survives in pockets of warmth, most notably in the vast, Mississippi-based Middle Kingdom of North America and in glacier-covered Boston. Boston, where high technology that borders on magic is used to create the...
Rating: ? | Author: Mitchell Smith | Amazon

Mortal Engines (The Hungry City Chronicles)
It was a dark, blustery afternoon in spring, and the city of London was chasing a small mining town across the dried-out bed of the old North Sea ...The great traction city london is on the move again. It has been lying low, skulking in the hills to avoid the bigger,...
Rating: ? | Author: Philip Reeve | Amazon

On the Beach
After a world wide nuclear war, only australia is left untouched, and they have a few months before the winds carry the radiation around the globe. Kind of sappy.
Rating: 6 | Author: Nevil Shute | Amazon

One Second After
New York Times best selling author William R. Forstchen now brings us a story which can be all too terrifyingly real...a story in which one man struggles to save his family and his small North Carolina town after America loses a war,...
Rating: ? | Author: William R. Forstchen | Amazon

Oryx and Crake
In Oryx and Crake, a science fiction novel that is Swift than Heinlein, cautionary tale than "fictional science" (no flying cars here), Margaret Atwood depicts a near-future world that turns from the merely horrible to the horrific, from a fool's paradise to...
Rating: ? | Author: Margaret Atwood | Amazon

Out of the Ashes (Series)
Review to come ... please come back.
Rating: 8 | Author: William W. Johnstone | Amazon

Outlanders (Series)
Review to come ... please check back.
Rating: 7 | Author: Mark Ellis as James Axler | Amazon

Path to Savagery
Found this out of print in a used bookstore really cheap, heaven't read it yet. This book is about a loner in a ruined city, looking for a woman and something more (tagline).
Rating: ? | Author: Robert Edmond Alter | Amazon

Path to Savagery
Review to come ... please check back.
Rating: 9 | Author: Robert Edmund Alter | Amazon

Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse
Part novel, part survivalist-handbook, Patriots tells of a small group of friends facing every American's worst nightmare—the total collapse of society. The stock market plummets and hyperinflation cripples commerce and then a...
Rating: ? | Author: James Wesley Rawles | Amazon

Pebble in the Sky
Review to come ... please check back.
Rating: 7 | Author: Issac Asimov | Amazon

Phoenix (Series)
Review to come ... please check back.
Rating: 7 | Author: David Alexander | Amazon

Plague of the Dead
The end begins with a viral outbreak unlike anything mankind has ever encountered before. The infected are subject to delirium, fever, a dramatic increase in violent behavior, and a one-hundred percent mortality rate.


But it doesn't end there....
Rating: ? | Author: Z. A. Recht | Amazon

Plague Year
Rating: 8 | Author: Jeff Carlson | Amazon

PW2: 2012 The End of the Beginning
It's been coming at us for 13.7 billion years. In the beginning, it made everything possible. In the end, it promises to do the same. Something extraordinary is happening yet everything looks the same. On April 1, 2011, the world notices but doesn't understand....
Rating: ? | Author: MC Miller | Amazon

Quentel: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel
Imagine a world without parents or any other grown-ups. In just a few months, all of the country’s adults have been killed by the Amazonian Plague, a genetically enhanced virus. Children are the only ones to live through the bio-terrorist attack. Total chaos abounds....
Rating: ? | Author: Deric R Budendorf | Amazon

Riddley Walker
A brilliant, unique, and completely realized work of fiction, "Riddley Walker"--first published in 1980--is set in a remote future in a post-nuclear holocaust England (Inland), where humanity has regressed to an iron-age, semi-literate state, represented by a language created especially...
Rating: ? | Author: Russell Hoban | Amazon

Roses of Blood on Barbwire Vines
Zombies have devoured mankind. And the few survivors would be better off dead because a clan of vampires, bloodthirsty and vicious, have captured the remnants of humanity for livestock. In an apartment building barricaded with wrecked cars, concrete rubble, and snarls of...
Rating: ? | Author: D. L. Snell | Amazon

Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman
This is the 30-years-in-coming sequel to Walter M. Miller's seminal work, A Canticle for Leibowitz. It chronicles the odyssey of Brother Blacktooth St. George, a fallen monk of the Leibowitz order who becomes secretary to the politically ambitious Cardinal Brownpony....
Rating: ? | Author: Walter Miller | Amazon

Shadow & Claw: The First Half of 'The Book of the New Sun'
One of the most acclaimed "science fantasies" ever, Gene Wolfe's The Book of the New Sun is a long, magical novel in four volumes. Shadow & Claw contains the first two: The Shadow of the Torturer and The Claw of...
Rating: ? | Author: Gene Wolfe | Amazon

Snowfall (The Snowfall Trilogy, Book 1)
The Trappers, hunter-gatherers who live beside a mammoth wall of ice, have none of the wonders their carefully hand-copied, ancient Warm Times books describe, like cars, guns, or plows. When bloodthirsty invaders slaughter most of the tribe, a small band of survivors heads south, led by a man few...
Rating: ? | Author: Mitchell Smith | Amazon

Summer of the Apocalypse
When a plague wipes out most of humanity, fifteen-year-old Eric sets out to find his father. Sixty years later, Eric starts another long journey in an America that has long since quit resembling our own, but there are shadows everywhere. Shadows of what the world once was, and shadows from Eric's...
Rating: ? | Author: James Van Pelt | Amazon

Sun of Suns (Virga, Book 1)
It is the distant future. The world known as Virga is a fullerene balloon three thousand kilometers in diameter, filled with air, water, and aimlessly floating chunks of rock. The humans who live in this vast environment must build their own fusion suns and...
Rating: ? | Author: Karl Schroeder | Amazon

Follow the path of three different men in three different cities as they deal with the end of civilization as we know it. In a matter of hours, ninety eight percent of the Earth's population was exterminated. Forty eight hours later, the dead have disappeared. For the survivors, existence has...
Rating: ? | Author: Jj Ritonya | Amazon

Swan Song
Swan Song is rich with such characters as an ex-wrestler named Black Frankenstein, a New York City bag lady who feels power coursing from a weird glass ring, a boy who claws his way out of a destroyed survivalist compound. They gather their followers and travel toward each...
Rating: ? | Author: Robert R. McCammon | Amazon

The Big Empty
One year ago, a devastating plague called Strain 7 killed three quarters of the human race. Around the world, power systems failed and supply chains screeched to a halt. The surviving population of the United States has been relocated to the coasts; the heartland is now a wasteland called...
Rating: ? | Author: J.B. Stephens | Amazon

The Breaking of Northwall: The Pelbar Cycle, Book One (Beyond Armageddon)
One thousand years after a devastating and chaotic series of nuclear exchanges, all that is left of the United States of America are scattered, warring tribes and small city-states. One of the latter is Pelbar-proud, civilized, and intolerant of change and new ideas. Rebels and troublemakers are...
Rating: ? | Author: Paul O. Williams | Amazon

The Children of Men
In the year 2021, with the human race becoming extinct because of universal infertility, Oxford historian Theodore Faron is drawn into the schemes of a circle of revolutionaries. Reprint. NYT. PW.
Rating: ? | Author: P.D. James | Amazon

The Chrysalids (Connections)
A few thousand years in the future, the inhabitants of Labrador have vague historical recollections of "The Old People", a technologically advanced civilization which existed long ago and which they believe was destroyed when God sent "Tribulation" to the world to punish their forebears' sins.
Rating: ? | Author: David Harrower, John Wyndham | Amazon

The Culled: The Afterblight Chronicles series
The Blight arose from nowhere. It swept across the bickering nations like the End of Times and spared only those with a single fortuitous blood type. As the numbers thinned and societies crumbled, the survivors picked their way between silent streets and looked out on the squalid new order...and...
Rating: ? | Author: Simon Spurrier | Amazon

The Drought
The title says it all. A classic. You can find this for sale online in the uk. (Thanks for the cruise missiles.)
Rating: 9 | Author: J.G. Ballard | Amazon

The Drowned World
The polar ice caps haved melted and the world is turning into a submerged jungle, a few crazies are left. Ballard is a literary genius.
Rating: 8 | Author: J.G. Ballard | Amazon

The Forest of Hands and Teeth
Seven generations after the Return, an undead plague that has ended civilization as we know it...
Rating: ? | Author: Carrie Ryan | Amazon

The Genocides
Spores take over the earth and only a few humans are left. This author is great, his other books "334" and "Camp Concentration" are also top notch.
Rating: 8 | Author: Thomas M. Disch | Amazon

The Guardians (Series)
Review to come ... please check back.
Rating: 7 | Author: Richard Austin | Amazon

The Hoopsta League
I haven't read this yet.
Rating: ? | Author: Rob West

The Hunger Games
Katniss is a 16-year-old girl living with her mother and younger sister in the poorest district of Panem, the remains of what used be the United States. Long ago the districts waged war on the Capitol and were defeated. As part of the surrender terms, each district agreed to send one boy and one...
Rating: ? | Author: Suzanne Collins | Amazon

The Kindling (The Fire-Us Trilogy, Book 1)
It is the year 2007.The world has been wiped out by a deadly plague that killed all the adults. Without them, children perished of hunger and disease. No people, no electricity, no civilization -- just mildewed houses,...
Rating: ? | Author: Jennifer Armstrong, Nancy Butcher | Amazon

The Last American
First published in 1889, it is the fictional journal of Persian admiral Khan-Li, who in 2951 rediscovers North America by sailing across the Atlantic. The world has been devastated, and North America virtually wiped out by climatic changes which had by then reversed to earlier conditions.
Rating: ? | Author: John Ames Mitchell | Amazon

The Last Ship
The unimaginable horror of total nuclear war has been let loose upon the world, and only one ship, the Nathan James, with 152 men and 26 women aboard, has survived. Her captain narrates the electryfing story of this crew's voyage through the hell of nuclear winter, their search for survivial, and...
Rating: ? | Author: William Brinkley | Amazon

The Last Whales
Review to come ... please come back.
Rating: 6 | Author: Lloyd Abbey | Amazon

The Left Behind series
I haven't read these but I've seen the first 3 movies.
Rating: ? | Author: Tim F. LaHaye & Jerry B. Jenkins | Amazon

The Long and Winding Road
The first to die were the lucky ones--their world was still fairly normal when their time came. The collapse of society was horrendous--impoverished masses revolted, unpaid soldiers mutinied, and starving parents sold their children into slavery. Nuclear suns bloomed here and there, and a...
Rating: ? | Author: Jeffrey J Hoy | Amazon

The Long Loud Silence
An early work on the effects of biohazard, in which one third of the United States is bitterly in strife against the pandemically infected other half.
Rating: ? | Author: Wilson Tucker | Amazon

The Long Tomorrow
No city, no town, no community of than one thousand people or two hundred buildings to the square mile, shall be built or permitted to exist anywhere in hte United States of America. Constitution of the United States Thirteenth Amendment. Two generations after the Destruction, rumors...
Rating: ? | Author: Leigh Brackett | Amazon

The Morningstar Strain: Thunder and Ashes
Rating: 8 | Author: Z. A. Recht | Amazon

The Oblivion Society
Rating: 9 | Author: Marcus Alexander Hart | Homepage | Trailer | Amazon

The Outrider (Series)
Review to come ... please check back.
Rating: 7 | Author: Richard Harding | Amazon

The Peace War
The Peace War is quintessential hard-science adventure. The Peace Authority conquered the world with a weapon that never should have been a weapon--the "bobble," a spherical force-field impenetrable by any force known to mankind. Encasing governmental installations...
Rating: ? | Author: Vernor Vinge | Amazon

The Pesthouse
"In this postapocalyptic picaresque from Whitbread-winner Crace (for Quarantine), America has regressed to medieval conditions. After a forgotten eco-reaction in the distant past, the U.S. government, economy and society have collapsed. The illiterate inhabitants ride horses, fight with bows and swords and scratch a meager living from farming and fishing. But with crop yields and fish runs mysteriously dwindling, most are trekking to the Atlantic coast to take ships to the promised land of Europe, gawking along the way at the ruins of freeways and machinery yards, which seem the wasteful excesses of giants. Heading east, naïve farm boy Franklin teams up with Margaret, a recovering victim of the mysterious "flux" whose shaven head (mark of the unclean) causes passersby to shun her. Their love blossoms amid misadventures in an anarchic landscape: Franklin is abducted by slave-traders; Margaret falls in with a religious sect that bans metal and deplores manual labor, symbolically repudiating America's traditional cult of progress, technology and industriousness (masculinity takes some hits, too). Crace's ninth novel leaves the U.S. impoverished, backward, fearful and abandoned by history."
Rating: ? | Author: Jim Crace | Amazon

The Postman
Review to come ... please check back.
Rating: 9 | Author: David Brin | Amazon

The Protector's War
Ten years after The Change rendered technology inoperable throughout the world, two brave leaders built two thriving communities in Oregon's Willamette Valley. But now the armies of the totalitarian Protectorate are preparing to wage war over the priceless farmland.
Rating: ? | Author: S. M. Stirling | Amazon

The Protector's War: A Novel of the Change
Ten years after The Change rendered technology inoperable throughout the world, two brave leaders built two thriving communities in Oregon's Willamette Valley. But now the armies of the totalitarian Protectorate are preparing to wage war over the priceless farmland.
Rating: ? | Author: S. M. Stirling | Amazon

The Rift
Rock & roll takes on new meaning in The Rift, Walter Jon Williams's huge book about a magnitude 8.9 earthquake centered under the southeastern United States. This is a major departure from the intricate science fiction tales Williams usually writes (City on...
Rating: ? | Author: Walter Jon Williams | Amazon

The Rising
The dead are returning to life as intelligent zombies. Trapped by the undead, escape seems impossible for Jim Thurmond. But Jim’s young son is alive and in dire peril hundreds of miles away. Despite overwhelming odds, Jim vows to find him— or die trying. Joined by an...
Rating: ? | Author: Brian Keene | Amazon

The Road
Rating: 8 | Author: Cormac Mccarthy | Amazon

The Scarlet Plague
Purchase of this book includes free trial access to where you can read than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: Ill THE old man wiped the tears away on his grimy knuckles and took up the tale in a tremulous, piping voice...
Rating: ? | Author: Jack London | Amazon

The Scourge of God: A Novel of the Change
A generation after the Change that brought magic back into the world and made electric and explosive power inoperative, new post-industrial societies have risen…
Rating: ? | Author: S. M. Stirling | Amazon

The Stand
A plague wipes out most of the populace and only a few are left who divide into two camps, good and evil. The first King book I read.
Rating: 8 | Author: Stephen King | Amazon

The Sunrise Lands
A generation has passed since The Change that rendered technology inoperable around the world, and western Oregon has finally achieved a degree of peace. But a new threat has risen in Paradise Valley, Wyoming. A man known as The Prophet presides over the Church Universal and Triumphant, teaching...
Rating: ? | Author: S. M. Stirling | Amazon

The Survivalist (Series)
Review to come ... please check back.
Rating: 8 | Author: Jerry Ahern | Amazon

The Trudeau Papers
Review to come ... please come back.
Rating: 5 | Author: Ian Adams | Amazon

The Unforsaken Hiero
Sequel to Hiero's Journey
Rating: ? | Author: Sterling E. Lanier | Amazon

The Walking Dead
Ahhhh, a post apocalyptic comic book with zombies, what more could you ask for?
Rating: 8 | Author: Image comics | Amazon

The Wingman (Series)
Review to come ... please come back.
Rating: 8 | Author: Mack Maloney | Amazon

The World Ends in Hickory Hollow
Haven't read this yet.
Rating: ? | Author: Ardath Mayhar | Amazon

The World Without Us
A penetrating, page-turning tour of a post-human Earth In The World Without Us, Alan Weisman offers an utterly original approach to questions of humanity's impact on the planet: he asks us to...
Rating: ? | Author: Alan Weisman | Amazon

The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead
The Zombie Survival Guide is your key to survival against the hordes of undead who may be stalking you right now. Fully illustrated and exhaustively comprehensive, this book covers everything you need to know, including how to understand zombie physiology and behavior, the...
Rating: ? | Author: Max Brooks | Amazon

Through darkest America
This provocative novel is set in a world that nuclear war has almost decimated of cities, technology and large animals.
Rating: ? | Author: Neal Barrett | Amazon

Thunder and Ashes
A lot can change in three months: wars can be decided, nations can be forged... or entire species can be brought to the brink of annihilation. The Morningstar Virus, an incredibly virulent disease, has swept the face of the planet, infecting billions. Its hosts rampage, attacking anything that...
Rating: ? | Author: Z. A. Recht | Amazon

Traveler (Series)
Review to come ... please check back.
Rating: 8 | Author: D. B. Drumm | Amazon

Twilight World
Review to come ... please check back.
Rating: 7 | Author: Poul Anderson | Amazon

Uglies (Uglies Trilogy, Book 1)
Playing on every teen’s passionate desire to look as good as everybody else, Scott Westerfeld (Midnighters) projects a future world in which a compulsory operation at sixteen wipes out physical differences and makes everyone pretty by conforming to an ideal standard of...
Rating: ? | Author: Scott Westerfeld | Amazon

Unmanned (Y: The Last Man)
The series that has taken the US by storm comes to the UK in the first of an all-new Titan graphic novel series! From writer Brian K. Vaughan (Swamp Thing, The Hood) and up and coming artist Pia Guerra comes a view of a dystopian society where suddenly - and without warning - a mysterious plague..
Rating: ? | Author: Brian K. Vaughan | Amazon

Vault of the Ages
Review to come ... please check back.
Rating: 7 | Author: Poul Anderson | Amazon

In 2012 when an act of viral terrorism wiped out one-half of the country's population. Out of the ashes rose a new government, the Confederation of the Willing, dedicated to maintaining order at any cost. The populace is controlled via government-sanctioned sex and drugs, a brutal police force known as the Blue Coats, and a device called the slate, a mandatory implant that monitors every word a person speaks.
Rating: ? | Author: Laura Bynum | Amazon

Vic and Blood: The Continuing Adventures of a Boy and His Dog
The complete graphic novel cycle, with Ellison's short stories featuring illustrations by Corben. Beginning with Eggsucker, chronicling the early days between 14-year-old loner Vic and his brilliant, telepathic dog, Blood, the book continues and expands into A Boy and his Dog, showing how much...
Rating: ? | Author: Harlan Ellison | Amazon

Warday: and the Journey Onward
Review to come ... please check back.
Rating: 10 | Author: Whitley Strieber , James Kunetka | Amazon

Rating: 8 | Author: Oni Press | Homepage | Amazon

Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse
Rating: 9 | Author: John Joseph Adams | Amazon

When the Gods Came
Review to come ... please check back.
Rating: 6 | Author: John Adams | Amazon

Where Late the sweet birds sang
A few people are left and using advanced technology, start creating clones of themselves.
Rating: 9 | Author: Kate Wilhelm | Amazon

Without Warning
In Kuwait, American forces are stacked up, locked and loaded for the invasion of Iraq. In Paris, a covert agent, a woman who inhabits a twilight of lies and death, is close to cracking a terrorist cell. And just north of the equator, a forty-foot wood-hulled sailboat, manned by a drug runner, a...
Rating: ? | Author: John Birmingham | Amazon

World Made by Hand: A Novel
In the best-seller The Long Emergency, James Howard Kunstler explored how the terminal decline of oil production had the potential to put industrial civilization out of business. With World Made By Hand Kunstler makes an imaginative leap into the...
Rating: ? | Author: James Howard Kunstler | Amazon

World War Z
From the guy who wrote the Zombie survival guide, this is an oral history of the world zombie war. The movie rights were sold even before this was released, I own it and will update once I'm done.
Rating: ? | Author: Max Brooks | Amazon

Year Zero
In The Descent, New York Times bestselling author Jeff Long led readers into the darkest regions of suspense and adventure. Now he returns with an apocalyptic scenario that threatens to eradicate mankind. In Jerusalem, an American archaeologist...
Rating: ? | Author: Jeff Long | Amazon

Z for Zachariah
A girl is left alone in a valley which is somehow untouched by a nuclear war. I read this when I was in like 6th grade and this started my love of all things post apocalyptic.
Rating: 7 | Author: Robert C. O'Brien | Amazon

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